PhoneIt-iPadIf you’ve been holding back from getting an iPad due to the fact that it can’t make regular calls, those issues can now be put aside. Thanks to the folks over at iPhoneIslam, they’ve managed to create an app that lets users use their iPad tablets as regular phones. Make, receive calls, send and receive texts with your 10″ device. If you’re wondering how come an app like this didn’t make it to the App Store, well the answer should be obvious: it only works on jailbroken iPads.

Called PhoneIt-iPad, this app brings a whole new level of functionality to the iPad. While you’ll need a headset to use this app properly (if you don’t want to look funny while using this in public), it makes use of a regular 3G SIM card to work, unlike the data-only SIM cards that you normally get for your iPad. It costs $20 and is available from the Cydia store now. Watch a video of PhoneIt-iPad in action after the break.

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