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Honda Unveils The World’s First Bike With Apple’s CarPlay
When you think of Apple’s CarPlay, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about those infotainment units found on the dashboards of cars, but hey, why should car owners have all the fun, right? The good news for our readers who love riding their motorcycles is that it looks like CarPlay will be arriving on bikes, with the first model being the 2018 Honda Gold Wing.

CarPlay Becoming A ‘Must Have’ Feature For iPhone Users
The times of when all we demanded from our car’s entertainment system was radio is long gone. Fast forward to today and our requirements for an infotainment system has changed where it needs to have a display, support Bluetooth connectivity, pair with our phones, show maps, and so on.

BMW Android Auto Support Ruled Out
Car manufacturers are increasingly integrating infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure that their customers have access to the system of their choice. However, there are some manufacturers who opt for one or the other and not both. BMW is one such manufacturer. Even though it offers support for Apple CarPlay in some models as an option, it has ruled out Android Auto support in its cars […]

Apple Removes CarPlay Pain Point In iOS 10.3 Beta
CarPlay is Apple’s way of extending iOS to your car. It’s available in countless new models from a variety of car manufacturers as well as third-party head units. CarPlay is quite similar to iOS as far as the look and feel is concerned. For example, there’s a home button which takes you to the screen where all the apps are listed. However, there has been a pain point that has […]


Alpine Unveil New Wireless CarPlay System
[CES 2017] Carmakers are starting to include CarPlay and Android Auto options in their newer vehicles. However given that changing cars isn’t exactly the same as changing a phone or a tablet, safe to say that it might take a while before CarPlay and Android Auto systems make its way into the market.

Sony’s Android Auto & CarPlay Head Unit Now Available For Purchase
If you’re looking to make your car “smarter” through connected features like Android Auto or CarPlay but don’t want to have to buy a new car just for those features, not to worry as there are quite a few after market solutions out there. In fact if you might recall, in August Sony unveiled their own affordable head unit, and the good news is that it is now available for […]

Apple Rumored To Be Considering Augmented Reality For Car Driving System
As some of you guys might have heard, Apple has reportedly given up on its car project. Instead it seems that the company plans to turn their attention to developing systems for cars as opposed to building one themselves, and now according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he thinks that Apple could be looking at augmented reality.

BMW’s 2017 5 Series Will Feature Wireless CarPlay Support
One of the benefits of having a Bluetooth infotainment system is that it almost requires no action from your part. Once it’s paired, all users have to do is get in the car, turn it on, and they’re good to go. This is versus existing CarPlay systems in which users have to connect to its with a Lightning cable.

Sony's Latest Head Unit Supports Both Apple CarPlay And Android Auto
Many new cars from select manufacturers come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support in stock infotainment systems but if you’re not ready to splurge on a new car just yet, there are options if you want to access those platforms in your old car. Kenwood and Pioneer have both created head units that support these platforms and now Sony has finally come out with its own head unit that […]

Ford To Bring CarPlay & Android Auto To All Of Its 2017 Models
So far it doesn’t really sound like infotainment systems like CarPlay and Android Auto are really taking off, or at least it’s not exactly the infotainment revolution we were promised. We’re guessing this is because so far carmakers have been selective about which models get the feature, and also because people don’t change to new cars as often as new phones.

JVC CarPlay Receiver Now Shipping
If you have an old car that doesn’t come with a new infotainment system but you still want to have access to CarPlay there is a solution. Many in-car entertainment companies have created receivers that come with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto installed and now JVC’s CarPlay receiver has started shipping. The promised KW-V820BT is JVC’s first aftermarket receiver that has support for Apple CarPlay.

Hyundai's Latest Update Lets You Add Android Auto And CarPlay Support Yourself
Hyundai was one of the first car manufacturers to support in-car infotainment platforms from Google and Apple. It’s demonstrating that it’s going to lead the way in adopting forward-thinking technologies to improve connectivity in the car, which is why the company is rolling out updates which will enable owners of select models to add Android Auto and CarPlay support to their car themselves.

JBL Legend CP100 CarPlay/Android Auto Head Unit Available Feb 14
Not all of us are fortunate or rich enough to buy the latest cars, which means that for many of us, we will be “missing out” on newer car infotainment systems like Android Auto or CarPlay. Thankfully there are aftermarket units that we can buy, like JBL’s Legend CP100. The unit was announced at CES last month, and now we have a release date to look forward to.

Apple Blocked Volkswagen From Showing CarPlay’s Wireless Feature
If you’re trying to use CarPlay in your car, you will need to connect your iOS device to the system by hooking it up via a cable. However in iOS 9, Apple introduced the ability for users to connect to the system wirelessly, and this is a feature that Volkswagen apparently tried to show off during CES 2016 but were reportedly blocked from doing so by Apple.Speaking to Car and […]