apple logoAs some of you guys might have heard, Apple has reportedly given up on its car project. Instead it seems that the company plans to turn their attention to developing systems for cars as opposed to building one themselves, and now according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he thinks that Apple could be looking at augmented reality.

According to Kuo, “Assuming Apple successfully develops AR, we predict the firm will enjoy the following competitive advantages: (1) redefining existing key products and leading competitors by three to five years. For instance, this could happen for iPhone, iPad and Mac; (2) eliminating obstacles of Apple Watch and Apple TV by offering an innovative user experience; and (3) entering new business fields, such as autonomous driving system.”

Apple’s interest in augmented reality isn’t a secret. In fact earlier this year Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company was investing in the technology. He also stated that he believed that augmented reality will do better than virtual reality. Let’s not forget that Apple back in 2015 acquired augmented reality company Metaio, so it is clear that augmented reality is where the company thinks the future is at.

Now as to what this system will look like or how it will be implemented remains to be seen. Apple already has CarPlay so we’re not sure if this will be building off that, or if it will a brand new system, but either way we reckon we’ll probably have to wait and see.

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