While staying at home and watching endless movies and TV shows and playing video games sounds like an ideal “holiday”, the unfortunate reality is that for many out there who are forced to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, they are out of a job as companies, especially smaller ones, are forced to closed.

This means that simple luxuries like paying to subscribe to streaming services will no longer be possible, but the good news is that CBS wants to help, at least in part. The company has announced that even if you’re not a CBS All Access subscriber, you’ll be able to stream Star Trek: Picard from the comfort of your own home.

However, it should be noted that CBS will still require that users sign up for the service, but there’s a coupon code that they can use (it’s “GIFT” without the quotes) that will unlock a free one month trial. This will not only give you access to Star Trek: Picard, but pretty much every and all shows that are available on the platform.

Even if you can afford to subscribe, the free one month trial could still be worth checking out if you’ve always been curious about the service and how it holds up to other streaming services in the market today.

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