For the first time ever CBS is going to live stream every national ad during the 2016 Super Bowl in almost real-time, this is going to bring about a major change for advertisers that spend ridiculous amounts of money during the big game and will also aid in making Super Bowl 50 a very significant event.

There’s a whole culture around Super Bowl advertisements and advertisers really do pull out all the stops, it’s not just about the money, the spots have to be very creative and funny since they tend to be talked about as much as the game itself if not more.

It has been possible to live stream the big game online since 2012 but advertisers haven’t be forced to move online as well, for fans this meant that they couldn’t view the ads when streaming the game online. They would have to wait until the ads were released online on YouTube.

Variety reports that CBS is forcing advertisers to move online too with a source claiming they aren’t letting any ad buyers opt out from this.

Since the ads will be shown online as well as on TV their reach will increase and so will the rates for buyers, the report claims buyers would have to pay as much as $4.7 million for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl next year.

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