Panasonic Center In Tokyo: From Concept To Deployment

While attending CEATEC 2017 in Tokyo, I stopped by the Panasonic Center (Tokyo) where the company has 15k square meters (~162k square feet) of demo space and offices. I had been there some years ago and wanted to check the latest demos and concepts that Panasonic is working on. There is a lot going on there, but five items have caught my attention, here they are:

Casio Mofrel 2.5D Printer Emulates Leather Texture and Color

Casio, typically known for its watches or cameras has come up with a new printer and printing technology named Mofrel which outputs 2.5 dimensions (2.5D) color prints that can mimic all kinds of surfaces from leather, to tatami mats to bricks. Now, the technology is already helping industrial designers prototype concepts faster, but in the future, it could very well be used to directly manufacture specific products.

This Robotic Cat Pillow Wags Its Tail When You Stroke it

Unfortunately some apartments have rules in which you cannot keep a pet. This means that if you’re someone who grew up with a pet or still own a pet in your current house, you might have some issues with moving in. However at CEATEC 2017, Japanese company Yukai Engineering recently unveiled a hi-tech modern solution for your problem.

Telesar V Is A Robot That Can Be Controlled In Virtual Reality

[CEATEC 2017] Being able to control robots remotely has always been possible, like we’ve seen with drones, bomb disposal robots, and so on. However recently researchers have actually explored the idea of potentially using virtual reality (VR) to control robots, which is what we saw researchers at MIT CSAIL do not too long ago.


Panasonic’s CaloRieco Will Count Your Food’s Calories

[CEATEC 2017] If you’re trying to go on a diet, whether it is to gain muscle or to lose fat, taking into account the calories you take is essential. There are apps out there that help you keep track, and for the most part most food makers offer up the amount of calories that comes in a serving of whatever you are eating.

Honda Unveils 1 KWh Mobile Power Pack

[CEATEC 2017] As our natural resources aren’t exactly unlimited, the world has started to look forwards renewable sources of energy, such as taking advantage of the wind, water, and sun to generate energy. Many tech companies are also working at creating greener and more sustainable products, such as Tesla.

ALPS Haptic Trigger Plus Controllers Lets Users Feel Hot Or Cold

[CEATEC 2017] With virtual reality (VR) technology, the idea is to create an environment that is immersive for the user. This is done through VR headsets which lets users feel like they are in the world itself, and sometimes with headphones and audio technology to create spatial audio and immerse the user even further.

CEATEC 2016 Innovation Award Winners

[CEATEC 2016] Every year companies try to come up with new and exciting products that they hope will change the world. However competition is fierce which means that what one company thought was a great idea, might trumped by a company with an even greater idea. Over the past few years, Innovation Awards have been given out at CEATEC for products/advancements in technology that have been deemed, well, innovative, and […]

VRC’s Shun’X Is A 3D Body Scanner That Works Quickly

[CEATEC 2016] If you’re trying to create models that are close to the human shape as possible, obviously 3D scanning is the way to go, as opposed to having to create the wireframes and models from scratch. However 3D scanning is typically a slow process, which means that if you have hundreds of models to create, it could take you a while.

Aromajoin Unveils The New Aromajoin Mini & Smartphone App

[CEATEC 2016] They say smell is one of the more powerful ways that one can trigger a memory, and this is what Aromajoin is hoping to do when they took the wraps off the Aroma Shooter Mini at this year’s CEATEC. The Mini is basically the smaller and wearable version of the Aroma Shooter.

The Bocco Family Robot Now Comes With Support For SIM Cards

[CEATEC 2016] In 2015, we came across a little robot by the name of Bocco. Developed by Yukai Engineering, it looks like the company is back with a slightly upgraded model, and by slightly we do mean slightly. Essentially at its core, the Bocco is still the same except that this year, the company has introduced a SIM model.

Lenovo’s LaVie Smart Mirror Makes Use Of Intel’s RealSense Cameras

[CEATEC 2016] Taking a final look in the mirror before heading out is something that we’re sure many of us are accustomed to doing. However in this day and age, simple tasks can always be enhanced and improved upon thanks to technology. Lenovo has an idea and that is with its LaVie smart mirror.

Cerevo’s Listnr Is A Baby Monitor That Can Identify Emotions

[CEATEC 2016] Baby monitors are a dime a dozen, but as we push into the age of connected objects and IoT, naturally the humble baby monitor needs to step up its game and do more than just act as a radio. Cerevo seems to think so as well which is why the company has created the Listnr.

Panasonic’s Motion-Sensing Unit Aims To Help Keep Robots Upright

[CEATEC 2016] As robots slowly start to become a bigger part of our daily lives, naturally improvements have to be made to the existing technology to ensure that robots are capable of doing many different tasks. At CEATEC 2016, Panasonic is showing off a motion-sensing unit in which the idea is to help with a robot’s posture to help keep it upright.