The photos does not capture the 3D effect obviously, but you can see what the demo looked like

Sony was demonstrating glasses-less OLED 3D capable displays in its booth. The demonstration was effective, and the color/brightness/contrast was really good (granted, the demo was done in a dark room). Sony had the good taste of using a fairly subtle demo instead of the video content that “pops” out. Although it was 24.5″ big, the 3D OLED display seemed fairly small during the demo. This is partly due to the fact that we quickly got used to see demos on 55″ or 61″ displays all around, but also because Sony placed the OLED displays almost 2 yards away from the public.

Why? At the moment, all glasses-less display technologies have to display two images at the same time on the screen (left+right eye). To achieve that, one has to at least halve the effective content resolution, which creates visible artifacts that are visible from up close… An intermediate solution in the future will be to use 4K display that have 4 times the pixel count than 1080p.


This does not represent the image quality that was very good. However, I wanted to show you what the TV frame looked like

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