Book Saver digitizes your tomes one page at a time

[CES 2011] Love doing reading, but you hate it when your friends want to borrow your books? Well, that can be solved with the Book Saver from Ion – it basically takes everything from a book and transforms it into an e-reader-friendly format. All you need to do is make sure the book you want to save for posterity will fit within the confines of the Book Saver, click the […]

iCADE is now a reality

[CES 2011] Guess dreams do come true after all for some people, right? What was originally a prank idea has been turned into reality, thanks to the people at Ion. We’re talking about the iCADE arcade cabinet that will specially house the iPad, turning it into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with the usual joystick and eight arcade buttons to have you gaming almost right out of the box. Hopefully […]

Go bowling with CTA Digital

[CES 2011] Near where Lady Gaga performed at the Tiffen booth is CTA Digital with their range of video game accessories that had a fair number of visitors trying them out. Apart from the inflatable Mario Karts that deliver a more realistic experience, CTA Digital has also shown off the aptly named “Bowling Ball for PlayStation Move”. Of course, some of you might say that this resembles the Great Eye […]

Cash out with Dynamics MultiAccount new credit cards

[CES 2011] Ever wondered how the credit card will evolve from what it is today? Dynamics has the answer with their MultiAccount credit cards which will be able to merge multiple accounts onto a single card, letting you choose the type that you want to use whenever the cashier is ready to ring up your purchases. The selected acount will be indicated via a tiny blinking light located next to […]


Mindflex Duel tests your mental strength

[CES 2011] Ever wondered why some people are able to pull through difficult or high pressure situations better than others? Apart from training and conditioning, we are wont to say that they too have a pretty strong mind of their own. Well, Mattel might have just stumbled upon the next Jedi Mind Trick wannabe – the Mindflex Duel game. Based on the original Mindflex, the Mindflex Duel will pit two […]

Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle

[CES 2011] Remember the VholdR ContourHD action camera that is mounted on your helmet before you perform some sort of death-defying stunt? Well, Mattel intends to miniaturize that experience (albeit at the price of quality, of course) with their Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle. What makes this Video Racer interesting is, the race car itself sports a camera lens on the front, a USB port at the back, and an […]

Angry Birds Knock On Wood game

[CES 2011] Normally, the analog world ends up being digitized, but here is something different. The Angry Birds phenomenon has made its way from the virtual digital world to the real world, thanks to good ol’ fashioned plastic and some imaginative executives from Mattel. We’re talking about the Angry Birds Knock On Wood game, where your physical reality will see a tabletop format of this hit game. Player One will […]

Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Remote defanged at CES

[CES 2011] Remote controls are somewhat like status symbols, although it hasn’t quite reached that category yet until today since the marketing department of most remote control manufacturers still need to do plenty of work. Snakebyte wants to up the ante with their latest Premium Bluetooth Remote which offers both Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity, letting you command your Sony PS3 alongside up to 5 more IR components. Other hardware specifications […]

Vivitek Qumi LED pocket projector

[CES 2011] Pocket projectors never really took off in a big way simply because there aren’t too many situations where you can make use of them, and the technology inside isn’t good enough yet for everyday use under “normal” conditions. Vivitek might change the game with their Qumi LED pocket projector, although we do doubt the “pocket” bit as it won’t fit into your regular pants pocket – you will […]

Acer Iconia Windows 7 laptop is the best gadget of CES 2011

[CES 2011] The dual-touchscreen Windows 7 laptop from Acer was nominated the winner of the Last Gadget Standing. In case you haven’t heard about the Acer Iconia, this ambitious device from Acer replaces the physical keyboard on a laptop with touchscreen instead. This dual-screen laptop functions like a regular one but it contains software that optimizes the use of two touchscreens; like it was demonstrated at CES – the video […]

Shuttle P10AN01 joins the tablet crowd

[CES 2011] Shuttle’s foray into the tablet market comes in the form of the P10AN01 – powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 250 chipset (by the way, NVDIA’s stock has already hit $20) alongside a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor to give it a rather beefy foundation. Android 2.2 FroYo is the operating system of choice here, so don’t expect a fully optimized tablet experience. Strangely enough, the 10.1” capacitive multitouch display sports […]

MSI Angellow desktop concept

[CES 2011] MSI plays around with the idea of a heavenly being being part of your computer, hence the Angellow. The back is supposed to show off angel’s feathers, but we think of it to be more of gills from a shark. The components of the computer will be concealed in the back stand in order to keep the display as thin as possible. Luminous material located at the back […]

NEC LT-S Cloud Communicator

[CES 2011] Cloud computing is a buzzword that many of us hear these days, and NEC is quick to jump on the bandwagon with the LT-S Cloud Communicator which is powered by the Android operating system. Coming with a 7-inch display, it is carried around more like a diary than anything else. There are relevant hardware keys for button operation, and a SDHC memory card slot for you to store […]

NEC Android notebook spotted

[CES 2011] NEC continues their march on the Android bandwagon with this notebook (which frankly, in our opinion, seems to be more of a netbook than anything else). This notebook will obviously be powered by the Android operating system alongside NVIDIA’s Tegra processor – thus guaranteeing its performance when it comes to graphics. Just in case the 7” WVGA LCD touchscreen display is not good enough for you, there is […]