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AI Predicted The Wuhan Virus Outbreak Before Everyone Else Did
As many of you are familiar by now, there is an outbreak of a new coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China. It is a pretty serious issue as it seems that despite the best efforts by China, the virus has managed to spread to various parts of the world and there have also been reports of infections in the US.

TomTom Will Be Huawei’s Alternative To Google Maps
As some of you know, Huawei is currently on the US government’s Entity List. As such, US companies such as Google have been banned from doing business with Huawei. It also prevents Huawei from accessing certain features and services that they relied on in the past, one of which is Google Maps.

Microsoft Outsourced Skype, Cortana Recordings To China With No Security In Place
It is no secret that companies such as Microsoft have been outsourcing the analysis of recordings made through platforms such as Cortana. The analysis is meant to help the company better understand how to improve their services, although we imagine that not many people are too thrilled at the idea.

Apple Could Start Sourcing iPhone OLEDs From China Starting In 2020
It is a pretty well-known fact that for Apple’s iPhone OLED screens, the company typically sources from Korean producers such as Samsung. However, starting in 2020, Apple is apparently said to be moving away from Korea and looking towards China, where Chinese company BOE is expected to supply Apple with some of the OLEDs for the 2020 iPhone.


China’s Alternative To GPS Could Be Launching In 2020
Due to the ongoing tensions between various countries, we’ve seen how some governments have taken it upon themselves to try and distance themselves. For example, it was recently that it was revealed that Russia had successfully tested its own internet in a bid to try and filter content from external websites.

Chinese Hackers Have Reportedly Managed To Bypass Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is something that many companies are recommending that users use. This is because it is a lot more secure compared to the traditional username and login combo, where an additional one-time password/code is generated to authenticate the user, meaning that even if your password is compromised, hackers still can’t get into your account.

It Looks Like Apple Has Managed To Avoid iPhone Tariffs
According to a report from back in August, it was suggested that due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, that Apple’s iPhones could be hit with 15% tariffs. As it turns out, it seems that Apple could have narrowly escaped that one, where due to US President Donald Trump signing a trade deal with China, Apple is now spared those tariffs.

China Now Requires Facial Scans When Registering For A New SIM Card
While the rest of the world looks at facial recognition tech with a wary eye due to privacy concerns, over in China, the country seems to have embraced the technology with both arms open. We’ve seen this adopted by law enforcement, schools, and even restaurants, and now it looks like the government will be taking things one step further.

Beggars In China Go Hi-Tech By Accepting WeChat Pay
We’re sure that many of us have used the same excuse whenever a stranger comes up to us and starts begging for change. We tell them that we do not have any change to spare and we walk away. However, it seems that over in China, that excuse may no longer work as beggars are seemingly going the hi-tech route.

Huawei And Devialet Team Up For A Smart Speaker
In recent years, a company by the name of Devialet has made a name for itself with a futuristic-looking speaker in the form of the Devialet Phantom. The speaker, known for its unique design, also boasts the ability to produce sound that would otherwise cost customers thousands of dollars to replicate, which is truly impressive considering its overall size.

A $1.4 Million Video Game Character Was Accidentally Sold For $552
How much would you be willing to pay for an in-game item? In the past, we have seen people bid crazy amounts of money for in-game items, and we’ve also seen players spend a ton of money for cosmetics and other perks that gives their characters an advantage over others in games.

Parents In China Are Testing Their Babies’ DNA To See If They Might Be Prodigies
How does one tell if their child might grow up to be a prodigy? It’s hard to tell as for all we know, some of us might have talents that were never nurtured, but apparently over in China, parents are starting to test the DNA of their babies in hopes of discovering potential talents that could turn their children into prodigies.

China Imposes Gaming Curfew For Minors
Close to two decades ago, China recognized that gaming could potentially be addictive and as such, they decided to try and curb addiction by placing a ban on certain games and consoles. Eventually those bans got lifted, but it seems that China could be considering imposing new types of restrictions aimed at minors.

Huawei Trade Ban Exemptions To Be Granted Soon
As many of you might have heard by now, Huawei has been banned from doing business with companies in the US. However, a few months ago, the US government announced that they would be softening their stance and while Huawei will continue to remain on the government’s Entity List, they will be granted exemptions.