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ARM-Powered Chip Aims To Run For "Decades" On One Battery Charge
With the changing times, the use of internet in smartphones, tablets and other devices has increased by notches, due to which, the desire for low-power chips has also increased. Thanks to Atmel, which has come up with a low-power chips that can last for “a decade” on a single battery charge.

Sony Announces Collaboration With Wyss Institute For Organ-On-Chip Technology
 Sony is known for its consumer electronics, certainly not for its association with life sciences. Regardless of that, the company has been supporting various projects related to life sciences as well as acquiring companies working in this field. Today Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation announced collaboration with Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to support and enhance their organ-on-chip technology.

Intel Launches "Budget-Friendly" Processors
Intel has just launched a series of budget-friendly CPUs based on its Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. According to CPU World, Intel has launched a total of seven new additions to its Celeron and Pentium series. Intel’s Celeron family are welcoming three new chips – the G1610, G1610T, and the G1620. The G1610 and G1610T are clocked at 2.6GHz and 2.7GHz, respectively, while the G1620 is clocked at 2.3GHz. Pricing is set […]

What Is ARM big.LITTLE?
ARM’s big.LITTLE is a processor technology that you are going to hear a lot about as Samsung, Huawei and others promote their 8 to 10 (or 12!) cores chips used in smartphones, tablets and possibly Chromebooks.There is no doubt that marketing teams will crank up the rhetoric because you know, 8 is better than 4, which is better than 2… But these chips not always X-core in the way that most […]


Outdoor Technology Announces CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio System
Outdoor Technology has just announced a spanking new device for those who tend to ride bicycles and motorbikes in the form of CHIPS, a wireless drop-in audio system. It is said that CHIPS will be universally compatible with all helmets that have audio enabled liners. This means extreme sport enthusiasts are also not left out of the loop, as they are now able to listen to their favorite tunes and […]

Qualcomm demos 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 chip for tablets at Computex
Qualcomm is taking the lead with its Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ac solutions for mobile devices. First announced in February this year, Qualcomm’s WCN3680 is a chip that combines 802.11ac Wi-Fi radio with Bluetooth 4.0. Today at Computex Taipei, Qualcomm  demonstrated the chip and it promises to integrate 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity on tablets and notebooks. Qualcomm said that its WCN3680 chip is designed to deliver connectivity with the speed […]

Scientists develop self-wiring chip
There’s an increasing trend to start producing gadgets that are getting thinner and thinner with each generation. Heck, Motorola is set to unveil the Droid RAZR, which based on the legacy of the RAZR feature phone, will most probably end up being one of the thinnest smartphones to date. But how much smaller/thinner could be make our devices? Well if the scientists at Northwestern University manage to commercialize their new […]

Samsung to continue supplying A6 chips for Apple?
Samsung and Apple aren’t on the best of terms, but this is probably something many are familiar with already, and what with Apple winning injunctions against Samsung, and Samsung having their injunctions denied, well, it doesn’t much to come to the conclusion that there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung. However despite everything that’s going on, there are reports that suggest that Samsung will still be the company […]

Samsung reportedly charging Apple 2.4% per 3G chip
A few days ago we reported that Samsung was reported to have requested for a ban of the iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands, claiming that Apple had infringed upon their patents which included a form of wireless technology used for 3G communications, which explains why the WiFi-only iPad was left untouched. In our report we stated that Apple had scheduled a meeting with Samsung on Monday in order […]

Nokia to use Qualcomm chips in first Windows Phone 7 devices
A couple of days ago, we reported that Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices would be making use of ST-Ericsson chips. It seems that they were referring to their second (or later) generation of WP7 phones – on Friday, a Nokia spokesperson confirmed with Reuters: “The first Nokias based on Windows Phone will have the Qualcomm chipset.” So this means that Microsoft hasn’t been pushing for dual-core processors to run […]

MIT Busy Coming Up With Self-assembling Computer Chips
Manufacturing computer chips isn’t something that you can do with your eyes closed, but (probably) in the spirit of making our lives easier, researchers at MIT have come up with a rather interesting technique which causes polymers to automatically fall into place to create an integrated circuit, effectively creating self-assembling chips. Considering the fact that as chips get smaller, they become harder and more expensive to manufacture, so this technology […]

Three New Cortex CPUs Coming From ARM
Looks like the future is bright for mobile devices, especially since ARM has revealed the roadmap for future iterations of its Cortex-A series of chips. The upcoming chip is codenamed Eagle, and is estimated to have 3 billion units produced annually. While there isn’t too much information on it revealed just yet, we do know that it’s targeted at smartphones, mobile computing and digital TV products. Word is that it’ll […]

NVIDIA Tegra 2 officially launched
[CES 2010] Tegra 2 is official and put simply, it looks awesome. NVIDIA estimates that it is four times faster than the original Tegra chip while staying in the same power and thermal envelope. And looking at the diagram, we can understand why: the chip combines 8 processors: two Arm Cortex A9, one ARM 7, an image processor, an HD video decode processor, an HD video encode processor, and audio […]

Chips For Apple Tablet And iPhone 4G Have Been Chosen
It seems like all the tablets in the world are converging at CES 2010, except for the most anticipated one of them all – Apple’s iSlate tablet. Even until now there hasn’t been any official confirmation on the device, but we’re fairly sure that information on it will be unveiled at the upcoming event by Apple on the 26th. Now word is going around that the tablet computer from Apple […]