Outdoor Technology has just announced a spanking new device for those who tend to ride bicycles and motorbikes in the form of CHIPS, a wireless drop-in audio system. It is said that CHIPS will be universally compatible with all helmets that have audio enabled liners. This means extreme sport enthusiasts are also not left out of the loop, as they are now able to listen to their favorite tunes and make calls without having to take their helmets off when doing so, and inadvertently, exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.


This patent pending method of delivering wireless audio to helmets can be considered to be the first of its kind, and it more or less puts to rest the question of delivering a tangle-free solution to the action sports market. Expect the CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio System to arrive this April in Chile, Australia and New Zealand, while all the other markets will see it this winter for $129.95 apiece. Anyone interested in picking it up?

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