Qualcomm NokiaA couple of days ago, we reported that Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices would be making use of ST-Ericsson chips. It seems that they were referring to their second (or later) generation of WP7 phones – on Friday, a Nokia spokesperson confirmed with Reuters: “The first Nokias based on Windows Phone will have the Qualcomm chipset.” So this means that Microsoft hasn’t been pushing for dual-core processors to run WP7 yet, and Qualcomm is still the exclusive SoC manufacturer for WP7. At the moment, all WP7 phones use Qualcomm chips because Microsoft is developing the drivers for every handset.

Still no confirmation on when we’ll see the first Nokia WP7 phone, but we’re pretty excited about its arrival. Hopefully this partnership will pull Nokia out of its current slump. Who’s waiting for a Nokia WP7 phone?

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