Samsung and Apple aren’t on the best of terms, but this is probably something many are familiar with already, and what with Apple winning injunctions against Samsung, and Samsung having their injunctions denied, well, it doesn’t much to come to the conclusion that there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung. However despite everything that’s going on, there are reports that suggest that Samsung will still be the company manufacturing Apple’s quad-core A6 chips.

According to the inside sources, Apple is still going with Samsung for the majority of their A6 chips. This seems to contradict previous reports that suggests that TSMC will be taking over Samsung’s duties in the production of the A6 chip, but it seems that TSMC isn’t quite ready to start mass production of the A6 chip, and will instead be given a smaller volume to produce, with Samsung taking the bulk of the orders.

We guess that this makes sense, especially since switching component manufacturers isn’t something that’s done overnight, but for how long will this continue? Could Apple and Samsung possibly arrive at an amicable solution by then, thus allowing for Apple to continue their business relationship with Samsung, or will it move over completely to TSMC regardless?

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