This Extension Helps You Learn A New Language While You Watch Netflix

Learning a new language can be fun, but we imagine that attending classes or reading a book can be a bit boring. However there is some good news for those looking to learn a new language. There is a Chrome extension which when installed, will help users learn a new language while watching their favorite Netflix show.

Google Makes It Harder For Sites To Detect Chrome’s Incognito Mode

One of the main reasons behind Google Chrome’s Incognito mode is to allow users to browse the web in private, where their information will not be saved by the browser, and that certain identifying information about the user won’t be shared with websites. This is done by logging users out of their accounts such as Facebook, Google, and so on.

Chrome Will Soon Let Users Share Links To Specific Sections Of Websites

Sharing a link to a website is pretty easy and straightforward. You copy the URL, paste it in whatever chat or medium you want, and you’re good to go. However what if there is only a specific section of a website that you want to share? How would you go about doing that? Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way for now, but that could change.

Google Working On Chrome Dark Mode For Phones Too

It was reported not too long ago that Google is developing a dark mode for the Windows and Mac versions of its Chrome browser. Turns out, the company is doing that for the mobile versions as well. The Chrome 73 beta for Android includes a dark mode which suggests that this feature will eventually be released for the mobile versions in the future.


Google Chrome 73 Will Bring Official Multimedia Key Support

A feature that many Google Chrome users would have long been waiting for is going to arrive with the popular browser’s next update. Chrome 73 will be the first version of Google’s web browser that will have official support for multimedia keys that users have on laptop and desktop keyboards. The support will initially be rolled out for Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. It will arrive for Linux at a […]

Chrome WIll Soon Warn Users Of ‘Lookalike URLs’

There are some malicious websites that rely on users typing in the wrong address. We’re sure that this has happened to many of us before, where we type in the URL of a website we thought was correct, only to end up at a different website. This could be as simple as a typo in the URL, or using .net or .org instead of .com, and so on.

Google Testing More Search-Friendly Omnibox For Chrome On Mobile

Creating an efficient UI is paramount to a good user experience. If the design is cluttered or confusing, there will be less reasons for users to use an app or service. Google has made some changes and improvements to Chrome’s UI over the years, one of which is the introduction of the Duet interface on mobile.

Google Chrome To Build In Drive-By Downloads Protection

There is a reason why it has been advised that users should not visit suspicious looking websites or click on suspicious links. Google has recently attempted to educate users on the dangers of that where these links could try to get users to give up their passwords to their banks and so on.

Chrome’s Disruptive Ad Filters To Rollout Worldwide This July

Last year Google announced that they would be rolling out ad blocking features to its Chrome browser where it would block ads that are deemed disruptive. The initial rollout only covered sites in North America and Europe, but Google has since announced plans to do the same to cover the rest of the world.

Dark Mode Now Available On Chrome Canary For Windows

Last year it was revealed that Google was working on bringing Dark Mode to Chrome on macOS devices. With the latest version of macOS support dark mode, it looked like Google wanted its Chrome browser to play nice, presumably in hopes of stopping users to using Safari, macOS’ native browser.

Chrome Canvas Launched, Lets You Doodle In Your Browser

If you want to make a quick doodle on your computer, there are various apps that can do that. In fact if you’re using a Windows computer, the default Microsoft Paint does a pretty good job of doing just that. However it seems that Google thinks that maybe doing your doodles in the cloud on a web browser might come in handy.

Some Believe Google ‘Intentionally’ Broke Microsoft & Apple’s Browsers

It was recently revealed that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul for its Edge browser where they would be adopting Chromium, Google’s rendering engine for websites, and thus ditching EdgeHTML in the process. It seemed like a smart idea with regards to compatibility, but it seems that Microsoft might have been forced into the matter.

Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

The more you use your phone’s browser, chances are over time you will start to accumulate a bunch of tabs from the various websites that you might have visited. Closing them isn’t really much of a problem, but a report from Chrome Story (via 9to5Google) has suggested that Google could soon be introducing a shortcut for Android that will close them all at once.

Chrome’s Dark Mode For macOS Will Arrive Early 2019

One of the features of Apple’s macOS Mojave update is that it introduces support for dark mode. This means that when applied, some apps will take on a darker theme that might be easier on the eyes when used in a low-light setting. Unfortunately this isn’t applicable across all apps as developers will need to support the feature as well.