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Apple To Partner With Cisco To Make Bigger Push Into Enterprise
Chances are if you work in a relatively big company, you might see a lot of Cisco’s communications equipment used at your workplace. That’s how widespread Cisco’s technology and products are in the enterprise sector, which is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that Apple has decided to team up with Cisco in a bid to make a bigger push into enterprise.Speaking to Re/code, Rowan Trollope, […]

Cisco Shipping Products To Alternate Addresses To Avoid The NSA
When the Snowden reports surfaced, one of the revelations was how the NSA had reportedly intercepted security equipment on the way to companies, installed backdoors in them, before sending them on their way. This allowed the NSA to hack and monitor companies and software that were otherwise secure.Naturally not many people were too happy to have their equipment tampered with without their knowledge and now according to reports, Cisco’s customer […]

Cisco Wants To Void Microsoft’s Skype Purchase In Europe
Cisco fights an apparent losing battle in EU against Microsoft's acquisition of Skype in October 2011.

Belkin Announces Plans To Purchase Linksys From Cisco
It looks as though last month’s rumor of Cisco looking to sell its Linksys division turned out to be true as we have just received a press release from Belkin announcing they plan to buy Linksys.Belkin has entered into an agreement with Cisco to purchase its Home Networking Business Unit, which includes the Linksys brand and its employees. Belkin, which is also a major player in the home networking world, hasn’t […]


Cisco Selling Linksys Division Likely At A Loss (Rumor)
Back in 2003, Cisco purchased Linksys for $500 million as a way to get its foot into the door of consumer electronics as it previously had focused mainly on corporate software and technology services, but according to a new Bloomberg report, it looks as though the company is looking to sell Linksys nearly ten years after acquiring it.According to Bloomberg’s sources, Cisco has hired Barclays Plc to find a buyer […]

Cisco’s Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router and Applications – Demo at GDGT
[GDGT 2012] Linksys Smart Wi-Fi was previously referred to as Cisco Connect Cloud according the product page. Smart Wi-fi is a consumer-friendly solution that combines any latest Lynksis router (Linksys E4200v2, EA2700, EA3500, EA4500, and EA6500) equipped with the latest firmware and a suite of mobile apps from which you can control your home connectivity.Setting up and operating a home network is often a pain for most non tech-savvy people, […]

Cisco shaves 1,300 people from its payroll
Cisco is touted to be the largest manufacturer of computer-networking equipment, but that does not mean they are in an invincible situation financially, being subjected to the laws of global economics as well. In fact, we have word that Cisco intends to shave off around 1,300 jobs from their payroll – which is equal to 2% of the workforce. This bit of news comes about as Europe’s burgeoning debt crisis […]

Cisco to discontinue its Android-powered Cius tablet
Cisco is announcing that it will be shutting down its Android-based Cius tablet project. OJ Winge, Senior Vice President of Cisco’s TelePresence Technology Group, said that the company will no longer invest in the Cisco Cius tablet and that no further enhancements will be made to it. The Cius tablet was first revealed in 2010 as a business tablet running on Android OS. Last year, the company announced that the […]

Cisco unofficially pulls the plug on Umi
It seems that Cisco has quietly gone about to stop their consumer home videoconferencing system known as Umi, which might just be the death blow dealt to Cisco’s originally well crafted plans to make home (and office, probably) video conferences popular. Originally introduced in October 2010, this is not exactly one of the better products to roll off Cisco’s production lines, although the death of Umi would definitely not spell […]

Cisco Wireless Video Client picks up FCC approval
Cisco’s latest device known as the Wireless Video Client has just picked up FCC approval, where it is also goes by the model number VEN402-XX if that is your cup of tea. Gemtek Technology is the manufacturer of choice for Cisco, where the Wireless Video Client is capable of supporting dual-band Wireless-N Wi-Fi connectivity without missing a beat. The FCC filings lack additional, in-depth information to tease us with, although […]

AT&T offers Cisco Cius to business customers
AT&T has announced that they will be making available the Cisco Cius to business customers in the future, and before you go “What the heck is the Cius?”, let us explain – the Cisco Cius will function as an ultra-portable mobile tablet, letting on access essential business applications for just about anywhere they are, regardless of whether the sun is about the rise or set. Cisco tips the Cius to […]

Cisco REN301 Residential Gateway goes through the FCC's scrutiny
For folks who are sick and tired of checking out those blinking red and green lights on the wireless router, here is something from Cisco that might just be able to remove such a burden – we are talking about the Cisco REN301 Residential Gateway, where it has arrived at the FCC and actually passed all the scrutiny and battery of tests thrown at it. This is a single-band 802.11 […]

The Flip is dead, long live the FlipLive
We covered news of Cisco deciding to kill off the Flip camcorder yesterday, and it seems that if Cisco did not pull the plug on what was the perfect portable casual camcorder device, the world would have had at least one last hurrah in the form of the FlipLive (as you can see above, image courtesy of Gizmodo), at least that is what New York Times’ David Pogue said today.FlipLive […]

Cisco pulls the switch on their Flip line of camcorders
It has long been known that Cisco owns Pure Digital after forking out $590 million for it, where the latter has the Flip video camera as part of its hardware portfolio. Well, it seems that the networking giant is about to shut down the Flip business, although they won’t leave current FlipShare customers and partners in the dark by offering a transition plan. Apart from that, Cisco intends to pay […]