cisco-skypeIt was approximately a year and a half ago In October 2011 when Microsoft made waves in the software market, not with a new version of the Windows operating system, but rather, that the software giant from Redmond, Washington, has forked out approximately $8.5 billion to purchase Skype, the hugely popular VoIP software with the approval by the European Commission to boot. Well, fast forward to today, and at a court case this week, we hear of how Cisco intends to make the case that the Commission had walked into their fair share of “manifest errors” in allowing the Microsoft-Skype deal to be approved.


Reuters claimed that Cisco will be taking its case to the General Court of the European Union later tomorrow, having announced back in February last year that they will file an appeal to the Commission’s ruling. Of course, it goes without saying that Cisco is at a huge disadvantage here as it is highly unlikely the general court will overturn the Commission’s decision. Assuming that is the case with the general court’s decision, Cisco would have one more recourse left, that is to take the case to the highest court, EU’s Court of Justice.

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