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SNK Playmore USA releases 8 pre-NEOGEO era Arcade classics on the PlayStation Store
Retro gamers with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles rejoice! (Well, if you were a retro gamer you probably wouldn’t even be playing with a modern console in the first place but I digress.) SNK Playmore USA has just announced that they will be giving today’s generation of gamers the chance to relive the good ol’ days of the SNK NEGOGEO console. Starting today, eight SNK Arcade Classics will be […]

Apparently the iPod Classic won't be discontinued
There were speculations floating around hinting that Apple would be discontinuing the iPod classic – one of the few remaining direct descendants of the iPod (which you could say was the MP3 player that changed everything). Apple used to introduce a new model every year except for the past couple of years, leaving the iPod Classic unchanged since 2009. Since the MP3 player has been considered a classic, Apple probably […]

Genius Traveler 6000 mice for the travelling notebook user
Genius has just unveiled two new mice – the Traveler 6000 and Traveler 6000 Classic wireless optical mouse. Designed to be taken everywhere, hence the name Traveler, these ultra portable mice don’t have any cables that make them a hassle to pack up each time you need to move around. The Genius Traveler 6000 packs an accurate 1200 dpi optical engine that provides a smooth experience when moving the cursor. […]

Joystickers help you game, write and paint on your touchscreen devices
The folks over at Joystickers have started a new project that needs the help of the community to kickstart. They have a few new products lined up to help you with your touchscreen devices, called the Classic, the Scribe (no, they’re not related to HTC) and the Flow, each product will help you use your touchscreen device in a different way. First up, we have the Classic. Do we need […]


Classic video game cartridges turned into external hard drives
A seller going by the name of 8Bir Memory on the DIY store, has started selling old Super Nintendo game cartridges modified into external hard disk drives. The epitome of nerdiness? You bet. And we’re loving it. He has converted classic titles such as Star Wars, Metroid, the Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2 into useful hard disk drives. Besides looking good, the cartridges disguise the fact that they […]

Steve Jobs pixel bust takes 8-bit route
Want to spruce up your desk at work? Well, apart from having the usual family photos adoring various corners of your cubicle, why not complement the MacBook that you’re using with this 8-bit inspired Steve Jobs pixel bust? Just like many other Apple-related items, this one won’t come cheap at all – we’re talking about $128 for your very own Steve Jobs pixel art bust. Definitely meant for hardcore Apple […]

Retro Cell Speaker System And Charger For iPhone Is Nostalgic
If you’re looking for a way to make your iPhone look retro to remind you of the good old days, you might want to check out the Speaker System & Charger for the iPhone from Retro Cells, which will make your iPhone 3G/3GS/4 look very much like your old school “portable” phone. It functions as a speaker, and also offers an FM radio, alarm clock, and backlit LCD. The built-in […]

Gramophone Player And Recorder
Are you sick of everything being digitized, and feel that analog is still the best way to get things done? Gakken’s Gramophone kit will certainly help you relive the good ol’ days, as it can play records of any size, thanks to the bamboo needle used to reproduce that nostalgic vinyl music. While that’s certainly cool, the best feature of the Gramophone kit is its ability to let you record […]

First Mass-produced Camera Heading For Auction
Are you a huge camera collector? Well, if you are, you’ve probably heard of the Giroux Daguerreotype camera, the world’s first commercially produced camera. This is probably your best chance to get it, as the camera, produced in 1839, will be going up for auction on 29th May in Vienna for a starting price of just €200,000 ($277,000) at the auction house WestLicht Photographica Auction. It’s estimated that the camera […]

Clear Classic USB Joystick Lets You Play Atari Games
If you’re looking for a way to get your retro gaming fix, you might want to check out the Clear Classic USB Joystick which features a Stella Atari 2600 emulator with 80 games built-in. The funny part about this joystick is, if you think that your lovely TV’s picture isn’t quite the same as those old fashioned TV tubes that we used to use back in the day, you can […]

Bandai Controller Keychain Brings Back Memories
Do you long for the good ol’ days, where you were playing games like Street Fighter II (SFII)? You may not have those consoles in your home anymore, but you could always pick up one of these key chains from Bandai, shaped in the form of a NES controller. The cute part is, if you press a combination such as down, down right, right + punch, it’ll give off the […]