Joystickers Flow, Classic, Scribe

The folks over at Joystickers have started a new project that needs the help of the community to kickstart. They have a few new products lined up to help you with your touchscreen devices, called the Classic, the Scribe (no, they’re not related to HTC) and the Flow, each product will help you use your touchscreen device in a different way. First up, we have the Classic. Do we need yet another stick on device to help us game on our iPads? Not really, but these guys think so. The Classics act like mini spring-loaded buttons that you can stick onto a touchscreen so you can press them and receive tactile feedback when you’re gaming.

The other two products are more interesting. The Flow is a paintbrush that will allow you to paint onto your capacitive touchscreen due to its conductive body, and with a grip modeled after a real paint brush; it should feel natural in your hands. The Scribe on the other hand acts just like the scribe, but instead of a brush tip, it has a smaller tip like a pen instead, to help you with your writing duties. These three products aren’t available now, and there’s a good chance they won’t be seeing the light of day if they don’t hit their target. So if you’re interested in owning the Joysticker Classic, Flow or Scribe head here to help them kickstart their poject.

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