Steve Jobs pixel bust takes 8-bit route

Want to spruce up your desk at work? Well, apart from having the usual family photos adoring various corners of your cubicle, why not complement the MacBook that you’re using with this 8-bit inspired Steve Jobs pixel bust? Just like many other Apple-related items, this one won’t come cheap at all – we’re talking about $128 for your very own Steve Jobs pixel art bust. Definitely meant for hardcore Apple fans only, and it would be cool if someone could come up with a BIll Gates version. Here’s a brief product description of this cute bust.

A full-color, high-quality 3D-printed bust of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, modeled and textured in a retro 3D pixel style by the Dutch Sevensheaven design studio. Having this remarkable and unique gadget on your desk will undoubtedly make your friends and colleagues very jealous and earn you eternal respect.

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