iPod ClassicThere were speculations floating around hinting that Apple would be discontinuing the iPod classic – one of the few remaining direct descendants of the iPod (which you could say was the MP3 player that changed everything). Apple used to introduce a new model every year except for the past couple of years, leaving the iPod Classic unchanged since 2009. Since the MP3 player has been considered a classic, Apple probably had no reason to make any changes – after all, we like to see our classics intact right? But in recent weeks, supplies of the iPod Classic seem to be running low, suggesting either a discontinuation or update of the product. With no official announcements in sight, one iPod Classic fan sent an email to Steve Jobs asking about the beloved device. Here’s how the email exchange went:

Q: Hello, I’ve heard a LOT of speculation that Apple is looking to kill the iPod Classic because it wasn’t updated on Sept. 1st, and that a lot of people would rather Touch. The iPod Classic is probably the best iPod in the line. PLEASE DON’T KILL IT!!!

A: We have no plans to.

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Steve Jobs as usual gave his short, curt response to the question dismissing rumors about the iPod Classic being killed off. With the traditional iPod media event being held annually in September six months away, I guess we’ll just have to sit tight and wait for Apple’s plans for the device. How many of you still use your iPod Classic?

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