Clear boasts of their LTE connectivity in this video of their download and upload speeds, where multiple independent tests managed to hit 90 Mbps downloads as well as 30 Mbps when uploading. Of course, do bear in mind that this was tested on a network that has just a couple of people or so connected to it, but it does highlight the potential of what 20 MHz wide channels is capable of achieving. Clearwire however, relies on the 2500 MHz spectrum which doesn’t do too well at all at penetrating buildings and requires over twice the number of cell towers in order to cover a particular territory, but the upside to that is the more towers there are, users gain from more speed. Investors of Clearwire should be able to heave a sigh of relief knowing the the company has the tech to back up their money, the only trick is to make sure enough users sign up for their service to keep it profitable.

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