xbox-one-pearlIt looks like having a vanilla console is not enough for some folks these days, so much so that they love to stand apart and out from the rest of the crowd with a rather ostentatious display of their wealth. Having said that, if you do not yet happen to own an Xbox One, and would like to do so – while separating yourself from the masses, then this Limited Edition 24k Xbox One Pearl is definitely right up your alley.

When we say limited edition, we mean it. After all, there will only be 50 of these bad boys available that have been produced, thanks to the folks over at ColorWare. The Xbox One, being a beast of a machine, will now look all the more refined and cultured, that is for sure. It is as though this is a bespoke home games console, but it is a pity that while its external looks will be able to wow whoever looks at it, the innards will get obsolete with the passage of time.

The front panel of the Xbox One controller as well as the top and bottom drive panel of the console will all come gilded with the rich, 24k Gold treatment, and the asking price is definitely not something to sneeze at, although it is not wildly positioned to be out of reach of most. Would you be willing to fork out $1,199 for the limited edition 24k Xbox One Pearl?

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