Every time a hot new gadget comes out, Colorware vomits its candy-colored paint all over it and charges a huge markup because of it. They must be making a lot of money per paintjob, because even though I see lots of gadgets on the streets, I never see any Colorware products, yet they still produce them. The latest victim? Apple’s “jewel” of a smartphone, which now comes in hundreds of customizable colors for the low, low price of $1700 for the 64GB model. Not only is there no option to order a iPhone with a smaller amount of storage, but you can’t send your old phone in. It’s not all bad though, Colorware’s iPhone customizing webapp offers a glimpse into an alternate universe where iPhones can come in all kinds of crazy colors, kind of like the iPod Touch. If you’ve got one that you think is really sweet, share it with us in the comments.

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