Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd – at least, nearly everyone, although there will definitely be pockets of folks here and there who do not mind being part of the crowd, flowing with whatever life throws their way. Well, ColorWare, the masters of color customization for a plethora of consumer electronics devices (the mobile, portable ones are its best friends), is back – and if you happen to own a pair of Skullcandy Mix Master headphones or want one that is totally different from what there are in the market, then this is just what you need.

Apart from offering over 46 standard color choices, customers can also select from all 30 NBA team logos in order to develop a truly unique, one of a kind team headphone thanks to ColorWare’s Design Studio. You can also wear this pair to your favorite team’s big game the next time around, and the odds of someone having the same around their ears is so slim, you’d have a far better chance at say, winning a lottery? I do not mean that mathematically speaking, of course. The custom Mix Master headphones will start at $399 a pair if you are interested. [Press Release]

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