Nintendo 3DS

The folks over at Wired managed to score an interview with Nintendo and poked around for more details concerning the upcoming 3D handheld console. The glasses-free 3D gaming machine will be arriving in March, but everyone wants to know more about it. Not much was discovered during the interview, it was basically a “wait for the official launch” every response. But here are some of the interesting details:

  • The 3DS has been confirmed to be region locked, with no way of unlocking it (bar illegally hacking the device)
  • Games that have been downloaded can be transferred to other 3DS devices – but only for a limited number of times (if at all)
  • 3D movies will be coming to the device (but more details will be announced closer to the launch)

If you’re interested in checking out the whole interview head here. With all the restrictions Nintendo has imposed on the 3DS, they had better release a line up of games worthy enough to make people pick this device up when it launches. Will you be picking up a 3DS at launch?

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