USB-Powered Neck Cooler Seems Perfect To Beat The Summer Heat

This USB-powered neck cooler can help you beat the summer heat, as long as you can withstand the stares you’ll get.

Tama-chan Watermelon Cooler

All right, what you see above is obviously weird. Very! We are talking about the Tama-chan watermelon cooler, which would definitely find a market in Japan. After all, folks living in Japan love nothing better to do than to eat some chilled watermelon during the sweltering summers, so it makes perfect sense to see a device like this being put up on the market. The Tama-chan watermelon cooler is the […]

The TILT cools and mounts your MacBook Pro on to a tripod

Tired of the current crop of laptop coolers available for the MacBook Pro? Well, you might want to check out The TILT from the folks over at madMINDS. This unique laptop cooler is designed to fit perfectly under your MacBook Pro, without detracting from the laptop’s sleek design and without adding too much bulk. It features a unique “FLOWthru” cooling system that lets you use your MacBook Pro on your […]

Thanko laptop cooler doubles up as desk

Thanko jumps aboard the convergence bandwagon with their latest laptop cooler which is also a desk, helping you kill two birds with a single stone. Of course, the keener eyed among you would realize that is more of a TV tray compared to a secretary desk since it measures a mere 2″ in height, but it is enough for you to laze around in bed while working on your laptop […]


iGo Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad keeps your laptop cool

If you’ve ever had to deal with laptops overheating, I’m pretty sure you would’ve gotten a laptop cooler by now. But as some of you would know by now, every laptop gets hot in different places, and not every after market solution can work for the same laptop. Introducing the iGo Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad. What makes this laptop cooler different from other solutions out there is the fact that […]

Cooler Cup does more than just contain beverages

We know that most of us who work at the office, hunched over our computers at a cubicle tend to have our very own mug of coffee to provide that booster shot of energy. Well, why not stand out from the rest of the crowd with the Cooler Cup? This is different from the rest, for sure it can still hold your favorite cuppa, but it also doubles up as […]

Cooler Modified Into A Beach Stereo

Ever wanted to take your stereo down with you to the beach, but didn’t want it to get spoilt due to water damage? Well, check out the Beach Stereo, created by Adam. The cooler is obviously already water tight, and holes have been cut in the front and back for speakers, not to mention a water-tight bezel and cover for the controls on the deck. The unit is powered by […]

Cooladio Solar Cooler

Picnic Plus has come up with a Cooladio Solar Cooler that helps keep your carefully prepared picnic content nice and warm all the way to your favorite spot on the park. It does so thanks to a built-in solar-power docking station, where thermal insulated foil helps keep your food warm (or cold, if that’s your cup of tea), while you also have the option of plugging in any device that […]

Cooler comes with built-in AM/FM radio

The next time you decide to spend some time alone (or with some good friends and family) outdoors, having a round of drinks with them is always much more fun as it helps open up conversations. This cooler does the job well, and to enhance the mood, it even comes with an integrated AM/FM radio as well as MP3 input, retailing for $25. There is no word on the number […]