tamachanAll right, what you see above is obviously weird. Very! We are talking about the Tama-chan watermelon cooler, which would definitely find a market in Japan. After all, folks living in Japan love nothing better to do than to eat some chilled watermelon during the sweltering summers, so it makes perfect sense to see a device like this being put up on the market. The Tama-chan watermelon cooler is the brainchild of Japanese company Joybond, and you will not even need a portable power source since it runs off your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. In addition, the Tama-chan will also double up as a heater as and when required, making it useful both in the summer and during the winter.

Just in case you were wondering whether this is the first thing to do with watermelons on our site, there were other instances in the past, going seven years back, to as recent as last year where one is able to use one’s mind to explode watermelons. Cool, no?

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