Summer is just around the corner, which means you’re going to be a sweaty mess no matter where you go. You could hunker down in your home until the weather goes back to being bearable for you to venture, but we think a much better option would be to use a USB-powered neck-cooling device.

The “neck cooler cool USB neck” is a wearable neck-cooling device that places cool air on the user’s neck which will give you a nice, cool breeze no matter where you’re wearing the device. When the device is in use, it lightly clamps around the wearer’s neck which is equipped with two cooling plates which, along with cool air, is used to help cool down the wearer even more.

The device can also be seen as a more viable option than having air conditioning on at all times in order to cool down a single person, especially since it’s USB powered. The energy consumption of the “neck cooler cool USB neck” is considerably lower than an air conditioner, although you would at least have to deal with everyone staring at you as they probably think you’ll be part cyborg while wearing your neck cooler.

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