Thanko jumps aboard the convergence bandwagon with their latest laptop cooler which is also a desk, helping you kill two birds with a single stone. Of course, the keener eyed among you would realize that is more of a TV tray compared to a secretary desk since it measures a mere 2″ in height, but it is enough for you to laze around in bed while working on your laptop without having to worry about all the heat generated by your portable computing machine simply because you’re too lazy to sit up and do work at the proper place. An integrated fan that will get its juice from your laptop’s USB port is there to keep things running cool, while an integrated 4-port USB hub helps increase your machine’s connectivity options. Apart from that, the USB LED lamp will add some light when you need it – perfect if your spouse is sleeping and you’re working in bed late into the night. It seems that Thanko has made this available only to those living in Japan at the moment for around $47 after conversion, so make a beeline for import shops if you want one.

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