Texting while driving may be two activities that we all can agree shouldn’t mix, especially if you’re driving a school bus or if you’re double-texting with a baby and drugs in your vehicle. But we think texting while flying is probably even more dangerous, especially now that such a case is being linked to a fatal crash.

Back in 2011, an emergency medical helicopter flying over Missouri was found to be sending and receiving several text messages before it crashed in a field after running out of fuel, killing four people including the on-board patient. This is the first time such a deadly case of texting while flying has been documented, which we’re hoping for the sake of people on the ground, doesn’t become a regular thing.

The U.S National Transportation Safety Board reports a total of four texts were sent to the pilot and sent three other texts during the flight. In one of the texts, the pilot had complained he didn’t sleep well the night before and forgot to refuel the helicopter before its flight. The pilot was reportedly on his way to get his helicopter refueled, when it finally ran out and crashed.

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