After what appears to have been a very successful launch for Nintendo in both the U.K. and the U.S. over the weekend, it appears reports of a “black screen of death” are plaguing many new 3DS systems. The black screen of death reported on popular game forums such as NeoGaf are stating that when games are put into “suspend mode,” the 3DS locks up and crashes, resulting in the error message you see in the pic above. Games with the reported problems include Super Monkey Ball, Street Fighter IV 3D, Pilotwings, Ghost Recon, Lego Star Wars III and several Mii apps. An official fix from Nintendo has yet to issued, but gamer solutions seem mixed. Some report that turning off the 3DS fixes the crash error, while others report that reformatting their SD cards to FAT-32 solves the prob. If you bought a 3DS over the weekend, let us know whether you’ve hit the black screen of death, and if so, what’s your fix?

UPDATE: Nintendo is advising all users who are experiencing the black screen of death to update their firmware before contacting them.

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