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Russia Formally Blamed For Hacks To Undermine U.S. Elections
A string of cyber attacks against multiple political organizations including the Democratic National Committee has left many concerned. There were whispers that perhaps these were state-sponsored attacks aimed to disrupt or undermine the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. The United States has now formally pointed the finger at Russia, saying that “The U.S. Intelligence Community is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises.”

Scottrade Hack Exposes Details Of 4.6 Million Users
Trading stocks is exceptionally easy these days, you can literally make trades in seconds these days thanks to brokerages that allow their customers to access the market through trading platforms for computers and mobile devices. It’s all safe, generally, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t incidents where such brokerages are hit by hackers, that’s precisely what has happened with Scottrade, a firm that millions use to manage their investments in the […]

China Could Get Hit With 'Unprecedented' Sanctions By U.S. Over Cyberattacks
Cyberattacks are a major issue between the United States and China, the two sides often talk about this to try and it’s not uncommon to see accusations fly. The fact that is given the nature of these operations and the nations involved the truth is not always in black and white, particularly to the public. For its part the United States seems to be willing to impose “unprecedented” sanctions on China […]

U.S. Reportedly Considers Retaliating Against Cyberattacks From China
Last month the U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hit by a drastic cyberattack which resulted in personal information of millions of current and former U.S. government employees to be stolen. While the Obama administration has refrained from pointing fingers it’s believed that the attack originated from China, a new report claims that the administration is mulling a possible retaliation against the People’s Republic.


Target Could Pay Data Breach Victims Up To $10,000 In Damages
One of the largest retailers in the country, Target, suffered a devastating security breach in 2013 which left payment and personal information of many of its customers compromised. Naturally a class action lawsuit was filed against the company. Target has decided to settle the case and it will pay $10 million combined to all victims of the data breach.

New Government Agency Will Combat Cyberattack Threats
Everybody knew that something had to be done to ensure that the kind of cyberattack that crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment for over a month didn’t happen again. A country like the U.S. and businesses that are based in it are likely to be under the threat of a cyberattack from rival companies and unfriendly governments. The Sony hack is believed to be North Korea’s doing. To safeguard against future threats the […]

Anthem Hack Compromises Millions Of Records
Another day, another hack. The second largest health insurer in the country has confirmed that it has been hacked. Tens of millions of customer and employee records are said to be have been compromised in this hack. Anthem’s database contains records of over 80 million people and the hackers were apparently able to gain access to this database.

Sony Hackers Reportedly Used A Zero Day Vulnerability
Anybody who followed the Sony Pictures hack knows that the company’s computer systems were crippled after the hackers had their way. Even email and landlines were knocked down, Sony had to go back to old BlackBerry devices just to get communications up and running again. There has been a lot of speculation about the methods and the culprits behind this massive cyberattack. A new report published today claims that hackers […]

NSA Had Its Eye On Sony Hackers Long Before They Struck
Towards the end of last year one of the biggest stories that made international headlines was the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. The U.S. government was quick to point its finger towards North Korea for the cyberattack even though the supremely isolated country denied the allegation repeatedly. Many questioned just how the FBI had reached this conclusion, with some security experts saying that it may have been a total inside job, […]

U.S. Central Command Twitter Account Hacked
Earlier today the official U.S. Central Command Twitter account was hacked. Apparently this was done by a group claiming to represent ISIS. The compromised account was then used to spread military data but most of it didn’t seem to be sensitive information, according to reports some of the data leaked had already been publicly available, while the rest was just low-level stuff.

Hackers Who Took Down Sony Now After A News Organization
The hacker group which claimed responsibility for the Sony cyberattack calls itself Guardians of Peace, and it appears the group isn’t quite done yet with companies on U.S. soil. According to an FBI bulletin the hackers have now threatened to attack an American news organization. A Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security states that threats of similar attacks “may extend to such organizations in […]

U.S. Officials Believe North Korea Contracted Foreign Hackers For Sony Job
The Sony job was made public a couple of week ago when the world found out that computer systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment were knocked down by a major cyberattack. Then followed a major controversy regarding a movie called “The Interview,” but now that the movie is out anyway, the focus has shifted towards finding out what really happened. FBI has already named North Korea as the culprit, and a […]

North Korea Denies Hacking Sony Pictures
We have been following up on the Sony Pictures hack from the day it was first reported. Computer systems at Sony Pictures were compromised last week and sensitive data was stolen. Four unreleased movies were stolen as well which were then leaked online through torrents. Naturally it has all been quite embarrassing for the company which at one point was even investigating links of the hack with North Korea. The DPRK […]

North Korea Not Denying Involvement In Sony Pictures Hack
Last week Sony Pictures became the victim of a cyberattack. Top secret files of the company were compromised and some were even leaked online. Hackers also obtained copies of unreleased movies which quickly spread online through torrent sites. Sony Pictures began investigating a possible link of the hack with North Korea. When asked about the matter, while not confirming anything, North Korea is also no denying any involvement with the […]

Home Depot Hack Compromised 56 Million Credit Cards
A few weeks back Home Depot confirmed that it was investigating a potential breach of its point-of-sale system and that there was a possibility that credit and debits cards may have been compromised. Some reports suggested that the retailer had been hit by the same malware that was used in the Target hack, albeit a much more refined and improved version. Considerable damage has been done as the Home Depot […]

Home Depot Confirms Security Breach At Stores In U.S. And Canada
Last week Home Depot announced that it was investigating a potential security breach. Reports indicated that the retailer had been hit by the same malware that wreaked havoc over at Target. The Target hack resulted in more than 40 million credit and debit cards being compromised and it is feared that the Home Depot hack has affected far more. Today in a statement posted on its website Home Depot confirmed […]

Home Depot Hit By Same Malware As Target
The massive Target hack is etched in our memories, why wouldn’t it be, more than 40 million credit and debit cards were compromised as a result of that hack. The malware infected POS systems at Target outlets around the country and stole card information as they were swiped for a couple of months before it was detected. Home Depot confirmed last week it was investigating a potential hack and it appears that […]

Home Depot Investigating A Possibly Huge Credit Card Leak
Many of us might still be reeling from the massive Target hack that saw millions of credit and debit cards being compromised. A luxury retailer was also found to have been hit with a similar breach around the same time. It has only been a few months since the dust settled on that fiasco and it looks like another might be in the making. Home Depot has confirmed that it is […]

Cyberattack May Have Compromised U.S. Homeland Security Data
Its described as having “all the markings of a state-sponsored attack” and may have ended up compromising U.S. Homeland Security data. A major contractor which conducts background checks for the department was hit by an attack and officials are of the view that it might have resulted in the theft of employees’ personal information. The contractor, U.S. Investigations Services, discovered the breach only recently.

eBay Cyberattack Was Thought To Not Have Affected User Data At First
Last week eBay announced that it was hit by a massive cyberattack which left its database compromised. Hackers are believed to have accessed personal information of all 145 million-plus users. A senior company executive tells a news outlet that the breach was discovered in early May and at first eBay believed that customers’ data had not been compromised as forensic investigators reviewed the attack.