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T-Mobile confirms new, unlimited plans
Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile users will be able to sign up for new single-line unlimited plans that start at $79.99/month for Even More customers and $59.99 for Even More Plus customers. Only available for a limited time, these plans give customers unlimited text, data (2GB cap, then the throttle kicks in), and talk time (from T-Mobile to T-Mobile) though I believe the ones who will be hopping to this plan are […]

AT&T and Verizon forced to share network with rivals for data
AT&T and Verizon, the two largest carriers in America, have just been instructed by the FCC to share their networks with smaller carriers for the transfer of data. Right now the carriers have already been making deals with their rivals to share networks, but they have been voluntarily – and it has only been for voice services. Under the new FCC ruling, these deals have to be mandatory, and if […]

Data Recovery Stick lets you recover deleted data
Folks now no longer have to trust third party servicers to handle recovery of their missing or accidentally deleted data. Paraben Corporation has just announced the release of the Data Recovery Stick – a special USB device destined to help recover deleted data. Previously available only to forensic investigators, this portable thumb drive has been touted as very easy to use, even for novice computer users. The Data Recovery Stick […]

448Gbps a possibility in the future
We have seen the future, and it is not the number of the beast that will feature prominently – instead, it will be 448Gbps that will be lingering on everyone’s lips. After all, this new benchmark is extremely impressive, since it was actually achieved using commercial fiber hardware that is readily available, thanks to the efforts of a few teams of researchers. Among them are the Sant’Anna School of Advanced […]


France fines Google for collecting personal data over Street View
If there’s one thing Google can’t seem to stay out of, it’s trouble with authorities. If they’re not being hounded by China to censor their search results, they’re getting fined by the CNIL from France. CNIL is an independent French administrative authority that governs the data privacy laws in the country. According to the latest reports from BBC, Google has been fined $142,255 (100,000 Euro) for accidentally picking up personal […]

AT&T confirms that 4G upload speeds are slow due to testing
Not too long ago, we reported about AT&T throttling the upload speeds of their 4G devices. Some investigation has been done, and AT&T has come clean about the situation. Apparently the carrier wasn’t “throttling” the upload speeds of their 4G devices, but they just haven’t enabled the HSUPA (the feature that allows users to upload at 4G speeds) capabilities of their 4G phones yet. AT&T has issued a statement saying […]

Windows Phone 7 Yahoo! Mail bug fixed
Awhile ago, it was reported that Yahoo! Mail was causing Windows Phone 7 devices to unnecessarily use data even when the phone was idle, leading to enormous data consumption from the device. Well it appears that the latest version of Yahoo! Mail has fixed this issue. It wasn’t mentioned what was changed, but according to reports, the latest version of the app doesn’t suffer from the data-eating issue anymore. Head […]

Apple applies for Thunderbolt trademark
Thunderbolt, the new communication standard developed by Apple and Intel was unveiled a few weeks ago, together with the new MacBook Pro computers. Initially it was assumed that Intel was the main party involved in its development, with Apple playing a smaller role. But according Apple’s latest move, it seems to suggest that it might be the other way around instead. Apple has just filed to trademark the name Thunderbolt, […]

T-Mobile UK policy change caps 'fair use' at 500MB
This is probably not one of the best public relations moves we’ve seen recently. We can understand that companies have to announce bad news from time to time, but they tend to sprinkle it with daisies and such. T-Mobile UK has released a statement saying that changes are coming to its data plans. While you might previously have been enjoying 3GB worth of data before this, from February 1st, the […]

Virgin Mobile offers 1GB data plan for $20
Got $20 to spare each month? You might want to consider chanelling that kind of money to Virgin Mobile’s 1GB data plan as part of its Broadband2Go offerings. This will be a Walmart exclusive, and will sit comfortably between the company’s $10, 100MB and $40, unlimited monthly data options. According to a Virgin Mobile representative, “Today Virgin Mobile launched an exclusive $20 Broadband2Go mobile broadband plan available only at Walmart […]

AT&T Introduces Pay-as-you-go International Data Packages
AT&T has announced the addition of pay-as-you-go data plans for its international data today, updating its DataConnect Pass options for laptops and netbooks. Packages include $25/20MB, $60/50MB, $120/100MB and $200/200MB deals. It’s still relatively expensive, but still cheaper than paying for each individual instance of usage. Plans can be scheduled to start at a certain date for folks who already have sorted out their travel plans. In order to not […]

T-Mobile To Throttle Speeds Of Heavy Data Users From Oct 16
Nobody enjoys data caps and speed throttling, but it’s something that most of us have to deal with. T-Mobile has released a statement, reminding what it calls “extreme data users” that from October 16th the carrier will begin to reduce data speeds when a customer reaches 5GB of usage in a billing cycle. According to T-Mobile, this change should only affect extreme data users, which T-Mobile claims are less than […]

Verizon Refunding $90M In Data Charges To Customers
Verizon has released a statement confirming that it will be refunding a juicy $90 million to customers who were erroneously billed over the last few years. Apparently a good 15 million users were wrongly charged for Internet usage and the carrier will be refunding approximately $2-$6 (or more) to each customer via credit to their accounts, or checks to former customers. It’s been reported that this move is a response […]

EXCLUSIVE: Tango, Cross-Platform Mobile Video Calling Over 3G
 When the entrepreneurs behind Tango, a mobile video-calling startup, founded their company a year ago, there wasn’t any competition to speak of. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., five miles from Stanford’s campus, Tango’s 17 engineers were just insanely focused on getting their breakthrough technology to market. “When we started, there weren’t any front-facing cameras on phones,” recalls Eric Setton, Tango’s co-founder and chief technology officer.Today, with six patents pending, the […]

Droid X Users Consume 5x The Amount Of Data
It’s already a fairly known fact that mobile data usage has increased a lot recently due to the many powerful smartphones in the market, and AT&T’s network is already quite well known for having trouble keeping up with the iPhone’s data demands. Now Jennifer Byrne, executive director at Verizon, has stated that the Droid X users seem to consume about five times the amount of data usage than any other […]

AT&T issues statement on slow upload issue
Remember word on the possibility of AT&T capping their data uploads yesterday? Well, AT&T has just issued an official statement concerning the issue where you can read all about it below. AT&T and Alcatel-Lucent jointly identified a software defect — triggered under certain conditions – that impacted uplink performance for Laptop Connect and smartphone customers using 3G HSUPA-capable wireless devices in markets with Alcatel-Lucent equipment. This impacts less than two […]

Data Logging Shirt
Athletes who compete at the highest level know that their bodies will experience wear and tear sooner or later, which is why Marcus Moche, Alexandra Morgan and David Schmidt have come up with a potential injury-avoiding solution in the form of the Data Logging Shirt. This unique shirt will hold a trio of motion sensors that are strategically placed throughout the shirt, where they are connected through conductive thread to […]

T-Mobile And Nexus One Users Experiencing Data Issues?
Many Nexus One users are complaining on the T-Mobile and Google forums, claiming that the T-Mobile data coverage is totally down. Some users are stating that the SIM card downloads data fine when swapped to other phones, but others are claiming that it’s a T-Mobile network issue. T-Mobile and HTC tech support centers surely have quite a pickle on their hands. The frustrating issue is probably that nobody is entirely […]

Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station
[CES 2010] Iomega rolls out its latest pocket-friendly NAS device to the masses, known as the iConnect Wireless Data Station. This simple method of introducing your entire USB storage into a network enables you to connect, share and access files anywhere, even over the Internet. Debuting at CES 2010, the iConnect Wireless Data Station does not have any onboard storage (hence the relatively svelte size), although it does enable users […]

Transfer Data Via Sound
Ever wanted to transfer data via a different means? Sure, we’ve got our usual broadband, 3G internet and such, but what about using your bog standard audio files? Charlie Robinson’s Arduino Cassette Engine allows devices to interpret specially coded audio files as binary data, which can then be stored to a memory card. Of course, when you get down to the gist of it, data is all just 1’ and […]