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Deezer Wants To Use AI To Detect Explicit Lyrics In Songs
We’re sure that you can come across CDs and songs on streaming platforms that have been labeled as having explicit content, usually to indicate if a song has swear words that might not be appropriate for underaged listeners. These labels are either suggested by the label or the artist or a human would have to manually go through them to put a label on it.

Deezer Launches Updated Apple Watch App
Just last week, Spotify launched its official app for the Apple Watch which brought about native features and controls for Spotify on the smartwatch. Not to be outdone, it looks like Deezer has since updated its own app where it will now offer up a lot more features to the Apple Watch which we imagine the company is hoping will draw more subscribers.

Deezer Wants To Use AI To Make Smarter Playlists
When it comes to song recommendations, the basic algorithm is that it looks at the songs and genres and artists that you’ve been listening to the most, and comes up with recommendations for other songs/artists that are in a similar genre. However it isn’t always the most accurate because while an artist might be in one particular genre, your favorite song from that artist might be different from what the […]

Deezer Brings Lossless Audio To Samsung Soundbars and Wireless Speakers
Deezer’s High Fidelity lossless audio service will now be available on select soundbars and speakers from Samsung, the Korean company confirmed today. Its partnership with Deezer will enable Samsung customers to stream music and listen to tracks in the original quality on the company’s soundbars and wireless speakers. Only select Samsung products will be able to offer this to users.


Deezer’s Flow Tab Creates Personalized Playlists For Users
Back in the day when it comes to music discovery, it would pretty much a manual process where listeners had to go look for musicians similar to what they like. These days a lot of the discovery process is automated where services can detect what you play, how often you play it, and based on that recommend new songs to you.

Alexa Now Lets You Stream Music From Deezer
Alexa continues to get support for more digital services so that the personal assistant can appeal to more people. It’s already capable of streaming music from a wide variety of music streaming services and if this particular service was the one you preferred, you will be happy to find out that it’s now possible to stream music from Deezer through Alexa.

Deezer Is Removing Discriminatory/Hate Music From Its Platform
Recently it was reported that Spotify had begun to take active steps in removing hate music from its platform after it was discovered and publicized that there were quite a few hate bands on its service. Now it looks like Deezer is also following suit by removing hateful/discriminatory music from its platform as well.

Google Home Users Will Soon Be Able To Stream Deezer
If music streaming is your thing, there are a ton of options available in the market today. However if you’re after a streaming service that can be streamed natively through Google Home, then you might be interested to learn that Deezer is one of the new streaming services that users can enjoy.

Music Streaming Service Deezer Now Available In The US
The music streaming market is pretty crowded. We have the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora, just to name a few. However it looks like we have a new contender thrown into the mix in the form of Deezer, the 9-year old music streaming service that will now be available on a wider scale in the US market.

Deezer Now Supported By ROCKI In New Partnership
It appears that the preferred method of consuming music these days is by streaming them, and why not? You get access to millions of songs and usually for a flat rate which is rather affordable, as opposed to having to purchase albums or songs individually which can get pretty expensive.The good news for those who stream music is that ROCKI has recently announced a new partnership with Deezer that will […]

Deezer To Replace Cricket Wireless' Muve Music
There are many music streaming services available right now and Deezer is one of them. The good news for fans of Deezer is that it looks like you can now start to get a cheaper Deezer subscription, but only if you have signed up with Cricket Wireless’ network. This is thanks to a recent acquisition by Deezer.Cricket Wireless has recently announced that Deezer has acquired the carrier’s Muve Music download […]

Deezer Does Away With Desktop Premium Plan
If you’ve always wanted to use Deezer but you did not feel like paying for the desktop-only premium subscription plan, you might be pleased to learn that Deezer has officially done away with the premium plan, leaving pretty much only two tiers of listening to music: free and Premium+, with the latter priced at $9.99 a month.According to a Deezer spokesperson, “Until recently Deezer offered a Premium service – ad […]

Microsoft Rumored To Be Interested In Acquiring Deezer
It seems that shortly after Paris-based music streaming service, Deezer, announced that they would be expanding to US markets come 2014, a new rumor has surfaced suggesting that Microsoft could be interested in acquiring the company for themselves. As it stands Deezer has about 5 million paid subscribers which isn’t too far behind Spotify’s 7 million paid subscribers, that and the fact that the company has been successful in negotiating […]

Music-Streaming Service Deezer Coming To The U.S. In 2014
There’s no doubt music-streaming services have been popping up at an elevated rate over the past couple of years. We recently saw Nokia announced they’re getting into the world of streaming music with their Nokia MixRadio application, and you can expect yet another service to launched some time next year.