DeezerThere are many music streaming services available right now and Deezer is one of them. The good news for fans of Deezer is that it looks like you can now start to get a cheaper Deezer subscription, but only if you have signed up with Cricket Wireless’ network. This is thanks to a recent acquisition by Deezer.

Cricket Wireless has recently announced that Deezer has acquired the carrier’s Muve Music download service. What this means is that instead of a music download service, Cricket Wireless customers can instead look forward to a music streaming service courtesy of Deezer. They will gain access to Deezer’s entire catalog and more than 30,000 internet radio stations.

Customers of Cricket Wireless will also be given a 15-day trial period in which they will be able to test drive Deezer’s service for themselves to see if they like what they hear, and if they choose to go with Deezer’s premium subscription, it will only cost them $6 a month which is actually pretty affordable.

However those who have subscribed to Muve Music will get a two month trial instead. Those who have already paid and downloaded using Muve Music will be able to transfer their library over to Deezer so they technically will not be losing anything in the transition. Muve Music will also be shutting down come 7th of February.

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