Back in the day when it comes to music discovery, it would pretty much a manual process where listeners had to go look for musicians similar to what they like. These days a lot of the discovery process is automated where services can detect what you play, how often you play it, and based on that recommend new songs to you.

These aren’t particularly new features but the good news for Deezer users is that it looks like the company has finally introduced personalized playlists. Dubbed “Flow”, this is a tab within the Deezer app that will create personalized playlists for listeners based on what the app thinks that they like.

According to Deezer, “The Flow tab is a new personalized home for Flow where, on top of your usual Flow, you will also see personalised playlists based on what you listen to and inspired by your favorite artists.” There will also be daily recommendations called “Inspired by” which Deezer describes as, “Each Inspired by card has a playlist based on a genre full of tracks we think you’ll enjoy remembering or discovering. You can click on any of the Inspired by cards to take a look on what’s there or just press play and be surprised.”

The Flow tab should already be live on both the web version of Deezer as well as the mobile app, so if you are a Deezer user then perhaps this could be a feature worth checking out.

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