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Gwab-o-sphere: Contacts Aggregator in the Cloud
[DEMO Spring 2010] I love Gwabbit, the add-on for outlook and BlackBerry that allows me to collect a person’s contact info from the email signature in one click. Last week at DEMO, the company launched its new service Gwab-o-sphere, and won the Cloud session DEMOGod. The new web application automatically receives contacts from gwabbit contact capture products, and then syncs with other contact management applications and social networks like, […]

MightyMeeting: Share Presentations over iPhone and iPad
[DEMO Spring 2010] MightyMeeting launched its application for iPad at DEMO last week, it allows users to start or join Web meetings, show presentation and share content, directly from their mobile phones or their iPads. The MightyMeeting native application runs on the iPhone OS, so it can be used on an iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad, additionally, there is a lightweight HTML-only client that can be used from any device with […]

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod
[DEMO Spring 2010] When I saw the eXaudios’s demo I knew it would win the best of show prize, namely, the people’s choice DEMOGod Award (1 million dollars equivalent in PR, marketing and advertising), and it did! Basically eXaudios is an automated system that deciphers the human voice “intonation code” to provide its emotional significance in real-time. I tested it and I was stunned by the accuracy of the results: […]

My6sense Attention API
[DEMO Spring 2010] My6sense is an application available on the desktop and the iPhone that filters intelligently your content from Twitter, Facebook and RSS streams according to your online behavior. The application learns your preferences over time and helps you fight the “information streams overload”… According to the company, My6sense is a pioneer in a new technology category dubbed “Digital Intuition,”: “The my6sense service requires zero end user intervention — […]


DEMO Spring 2010 Live
Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO, is on stage. The successor of Chris Shipley is celebrating 20 years of DEMO. Throughout the 2 ½ day conference, the 65 selected companies will present their new products on stage, during a 6 minute demo, see below the schedule to follow our live blogging sessions on, March 22, 2010 9:00 am to 10:30 am – Mobile Technologies Session 10:45 am to 11:45 […]

The Panel, Portable 13-inch LED Monitor by MEDL
[DEMO Spring 2010] MEDL Technology has announced a prototype called “The Panel”, touted to be the world’s first portable 13″ LED monitor. The 2.2 lbs device is targeted to the telecommuters and the “road warriors” who want to add more screen real estate to enhance their productivity. Features include USB connectivity, WXGA resolution (1280 x 800), up to 5 hours battery life, read the complete features after the jump. I am a conference […]

QuantumFilm: Quantum Dot-Based Image Sensor
[DEMO Spring 2010] Today, InVisage Technologies announced QuantumFilm, touted to be the world’s first commercial quantum dot-based image sensor that delivers 4x higher performance and 2x higher dynamic range than regular sensors for mobile handset cameras. The technology is based on quantum dots, semiconductors with higher light-capture properties: the regular silicon-based image sensors used today for all digital cameras capture on average 25 percent of light, where QuantumFilm captures between […]

GlideTV: User Interface To Watch TV with the Navigator Remote
[DEMO 2010] We have selected the GlideTV Navigator in our Uber10 2009 list, and today, the company has launched the on screen user interface to go with it. From the screen shots that I received, the application looks pretty promising, offering a visual gallery of all the shows available across multiple sites categorized by genre, an on screen keyboard to search by name, and a one-stop screen to access the […]

ThickButtons: Smart Virtual Keyboard For Android
[DEMO Spring 2010] Today, ThickButtons 0.6 will be launching at DEMO 2010. The concept behind the application is pretty simple: improving typing on a touchscreen by shrinking the letters that are not likely to be used and enlarging the keys that will be used (See picture). I have to try this app: I hate to type on virtual keyboards, that’s why I carry both the iPhone and the BlackBerry. According […]

Flinc: Mobile Location-based App for Dynamic RideSharing
[DEMO Spring 2010] Flinc leverage the mobile phone location-based capabilities to connect passengers and drivers who want to carpool with a financial compensation for the car owners. The service can be used on smart phones or online: it analyzes the traffic in real time, allows passengers to identity available seats in cars belonging to the drives in their network, lets them send request to be picked up, enables real time […]

Phone Halo Protect: Lost Phone Finder
[DEMO Spring 2010] I often misplace or lose my smartphone, and one time, it did cost me a lot (!) so, this product might be perfect. Phone Halo Protect, is launching at DEMO Spring 2010. It helps people prevent the loss or misplacement of their phones, keys, wallet and more. It works by attaching a small Bluetooth device to keys, purse or briefcase for example, the Phone Halo Software runs on a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, […]

On the road again, heading to DEMO
[DEMO Spring 2010] I just got back from SXSW and today I am flying to Palm Desert to attend one of my favorite emerging technology conference: DEMO. I am reviewing one last time my gadgets check list before packing and driving to the airport. The company list has been unveiled on Friday. Throughout the 2 ½ day conference, the 65 selected companies will present their new products on stage, during […]

DEMO Spring 2010 Company List Announced
[DEMO 2010] DEMO, one of the best emerging technology conference, will be held march 21-23 in Palm Desert, where 65 companies will launch their technology product. Today DEMO unveiled its companies selection, you can see the complete list after the jump. The companies selected for the show cover a variety of industries including Social and Media, Cloud, Enterprise, Health and Life Science, Clean Tech, Mobile and Consumer Technologies. Throughout the […]