Flinc: Mobile Location-based App for Dynamic RideSharing

[DEMO Spring 2010] Flinc leverage the mobile phone location-based capabilities to connect passengers and drivers who want to carpool with a financial compensation for the car owners. The service can be used on smart phones or online: it analyzes the traffic in real time, allows passengers to identity available seats in cars belonging to the drives in their network, lets them send request to be picked up, enables real time confirmation by the drivers and sends instructions notification for pick-up. Dynamic ridesharing might one of the solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, save money on gas and parking and benefiting from more flexibility than public transportation. Flinc needs help to decide where to launch first, go to www.flinc.mobi, look for our Where’s flinc project, select a place on the map where you want to see flinc and share a seat in your car or someone elses.

I have already seen a dynamic ridesharing system at DEMOFall 08: Avego by Mapflow, a company based in Ireland. Flinc comes from Germany, and I will ask them how they compare to their Irish competitor.

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