eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

[DEMO Spring 2010] When I saw the eXaudios’s demo I knew it would win the best of show prize, namely, the people’s choice DEMOGod Award (1 million dollars equivalent in PR, marketing and advertising), and it did! Basically eXaudios is an automated system that deciphers the human voice “intonation code” to provide its emotional significance in real-time. I tested it and I was stunned by the accuracy of the results: I talked for a few minutes about DEMO in a microphone and, almost instantly, it returned a perfect description of my current emotional status and part of my regular psychological profile. (The description will remain private). The accuracy rate given by the company is between 70% to 80%.

eXaudios technology is based on 15 years of research by a team of scientists with expertise in decision making, neuropsychology, physics and biology. Applications for this impressive technology are endless and the team started to implement the following products:

Editor’s note: from the features description provided by eXaudios:

MagInify Call-Insight, is a call-center and customer service improvement system that provide online analysis of call recordings for employees training and it monitors emotional patterns during agent-caller interactions. Users can replay the call synchronized with the report and listen to specific parts of the interaction.

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

MagInify Assistant, analyzes callers’ voice in real time and provides information about callers’ emotional state, personality traits, their involvement in the call and hidden incentives.

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod
eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

According to eXaudios the MagInify Assistant offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – By using MagInify Assistant, the number of calls which result in escalation will be significantly reduced.
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Enable faster training of new agent and on the job training for existing agents thus increasing awareness and improving work force intuition
  • Proactive management preventing agents with elevated temperatures to continue and thus create damage with additional customers
  • Increased Sales – Call centers using MagInify Assistant significantly increase sales
  • Fraud and Risk Detection – MagInify Assistant identifies caller’s intent to do malice (fraud) and can flag callers who meet specific risk profiles.

Ultimately, a “sales call assistant” application could be implemented on sales representatives’ mobile phones to help them perform the best calls ever: see the demo in the picture below, the eXaudios app is displaying recommendations on a Nokia phone after a sales call.

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

eXaudios HR, is an online service that determines the emotional attitude of candidates towards a position and provides insight into their emotional personality suitability for the job. It requires only 5-7 minutes voice recording of the candidates. That might be a scary implementation… What about the 20% of inaccuracy?

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

TheXaudios team at the DEMOGod Awards Ceremony, they have been honored with the People’s Choice DEMOGod and won a one million dollar equivalent in marketing and advertising on the IDG Network.

eXAudios: Analyzes Emotions Conveyed By Voice - DEMOGod

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