Diablo 3 scam
Yes, the closed beta for Diablo 3 has started, and it’s no secret that everybody is interested in getting an invite. Well, some scammers have decided to use the Diablo 3 hype as an opportunity to phish for some account details of Battle.net users. An email has been circulating around from a spoofed email address of noreply@blizzard.com with a message about the recipient being selected for the Diablo 3 beta test. Recipients are then told to reply to the email with details such as their name, Battle.net account name, password, and more.

Now if you’ve been using the internet long enough, you would be able to tell immediately it’s a scam but just in case you’re unsure, here’s one thing to keep in mind: a company or service will never ask you for your details via email. Firstly – they already have access to your information, why would they ask you for it? And secondly, they wouldn’t ask for such sensitive information through an email. Thirdly, if something is too good to be true – it usually is. Be alert at all times, and don’t trust every email that lands in your inbox.

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