HTC logoWhile Google’s Chrome OS has its perks and its memorable moments, unfortunately there have been reports that have indicated that the sale of Chromebooks by Acer and Samsung have been underwhelming. However it seems that HTC is looking to defy those odds by releasing a Chromebook of their own, at least that’s according to a recent report by Digitimes.

According to Digitimes’ sources, HTC is looking to offer something different from the competition by combining “the advantages of Android and Chrome OS”, although we’re not sure what they mean by that – could it be a customized Chrome OS or would HTC’s Chromebooks be a dual-booting device instead, much like their Shift device that allowed users to boot into Windows Mobile 6 or Windows Vista.

No specifics were given in terms of hardware, although there could be the possibility of HTC creating a Chromebook that ran on an ARM processor found on Android phones, as opposed to a more power-hungry Intel processor. It does make for an interesting idea especially given the popularity of Android these days, but for now we’ll take this information with a grain of salt until more details have been released.

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