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Native Instrument's Maschine Mikro is affordable for aspiring DJs
Aspiring DJs, if you’re looking to get into the scene or just want to mess around but don’t feel like dropping thousands in professional DJ equipment, Native Instruments has an entry level piece of equipment that is something worth considering, and with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Denise the non-human DJ goes on air
You can add “DJ” to the list of jobs that might just see robots or software take over in the future – Denise, as “she” has been dubbed, is a non-human DJ who will take to the airwaves next week in San Antonio, Texas. Being an artificial intelligence (AI) program that was specially developed by Guile 3D Studio, it was meant to serve as a virtual assistant that will answer […]

Numark and algoriddim team up to bring iDJ Live DJ controller for the iPad and iPhone
DJ applications for iOS devices aren’t exactly new, but how about a physical DJ controller that can be hooked up to your iPad/iPhone? After all, if DJs in clubs can hook a computer up to a physical turntable which doubles up as a controller, why can’t the iPad/iPhone do the same too?

Be A DJ With The USB Mini Turntable
Aspiring DJ’s, or those who are just curious about the DJ profession, here is a cheap way for you to get your hands on a turntable, with the USB mini turntable that plugs into your computer or MP3 player.


Pioneer DJ and VH1 celebrity designed turntables are funky
At the VH1 Save the Music Foundation event last night, Pioneer DJ showed of some specially designed turntables that were created by celebrities as part of the Art Mix program. Artists, DJs and designers were each given a Pioneer CDJ-2000 digital music player to come up with their own creations. The turntables will then be exhibited at events nationwide this summer, and then they will be eventually auctioned off online. […]

Wheel of Steel lets you be a DJ with your web browser
Gone are the days where users are required to download programs if they want to experience apps with rich multimedia content on their computers. Nowadays, everything can be pretty much done with the web browser – and you don’t even need Flash anymore. Scott Schiller, an engineer at Flickr, and the creator of the Sound Manager API (a control that lets users play audio online using JavaScript) has just launched […]

Kid Chameleon’s Mac Plus DJ Helmet
If you’re a DJ, you might enjoy setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack, and what LA-based Kid Chameleon did was create a fancy DJ helmet, something like what Daft Punk does. This helmet is a little different from what you usually see, though, as it features a visualizer helmet that uses an old Macintosh Plus, a bicycle helmet and an iPad, all combined with an electroluminescent display. […]

New Pioneer CDJ-350, DJM-350 DJ Equipment Available in White
Pioneer has just released new editions of the company’s DJ Mixer and turn table, with the model numbers DJM-350 and CDJ-350 respectively. The new model sheds the black case in favor of a white case, and will be available starting in January in Japan. Among the changes involved with the newer edition, effects are now going from GATE,CRUSH,JET,FILTER to NOISE,SHORT ECHO,JET,FILTER. Hit the jump for full specs of both models.

AIAIAI TMA-1 Review vs. V-Moda Crossfade Lp
Review by DJ Mrs BlytheI have compared 2 headphones released last summer over a period of 2 months: The TMA-1 made by the Danish company AIAIAI based in Copenhagen. (released in August 2010) The Crossfade Lp made by the Hollywood CA based company, V-Moda (released in June 2010) Both have been developed in collaboration with world-renowned dj’s and music producers. Both have been designed with sound quality, comfort and durability […]

TMA-1 Headphones by AIAIAI Launch in Copenhagen
On June 4th, I was invited by AIAIAI in Copenhagen for the launch of its brand new high end headphone aimed at hipsters or DJs who want to look stylish and refuse to be billboards. One of the most interesting things about this device is the design process: AIAIAI, helped by label Tartelet Records, music production firm Manhandle, communication agency TYFC and product design studio KiBiSi, defined a user driven […]

Vestax Spin targets wannabe DJs
Always aspired to be a spinmeister at the hottest clubs in town? While you might not be able to hit such lofty heights, you can always attempt to live out your dreams on something more concrete compared to DJ Hero. We’re talking about the Spin from Vestax of Japan, where this turntable-like USB console/controller was specially designed for the Mac. It will feature touch-sensitive scroll wheels that lets you scratch […]

HP ENVY 15 Beats Limited Edition
Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, Beats co-founder, have collaborated with HP to develop the HP Envy 15 Beats limited edition. I was invited by HP to listen to the audio quality using the high end Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. There was no word from HP about the built-in loudspeakers’ quality, but the device comes with the Beats headphones that we reviewed. HP claims that they enhanced the audio quality […]

Numark NS7 Controller
The Numark NS7 Controller was specially made to work with Serato’s ITCH software, where it is able to offer DJs the feel of a traditional turntable rig, despite boasting the ability to function as a controller for ITCH. All you need is a single USB interface and you’re good to go, making it more or less idiot-proof inthe process. The NS7 will be complemented by the NSFX that was just […]