Aspiring DJ’s, or those who are just curious about the DJ profession, here is a cheap way for you to get your hands on a turntable, with the USB mini turntable that plugs into your computer or MP3 player.

When they say it’s a “mini” turntable, they do mean mini, as the turntable portion of the device is about as big as the scroll wheel on the iPod Shuffle. However, small as it may be, according to what’s being advertised, it does pack some pretty nifty features that can be found on an actual turntable. It reportedly comes packed with real scratching sounds, sound effect buttons, volume controls, and even tempo variance, for those moments when you want to slow the beats up/down. Too bad it does not come with a fader because that would have made it a complete package, but for $24 you will find it hard to complain.

The device can apparently be charged, so you can bring it out with you and hook it up to your MP3 player when you’re on the go. If all of that sounds good, just head on down to’s website to place your order.

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