Wheels of SteelGone are the days where users are required to download programs if they want to experience apps with rich multimedia content on their computers. Nowadays, everything can be pretty much done with the web browser – and you don’t even need Flash anymore. Scott Schiller, an engineer at Flickr, and the creator of the Sound Manager API (a control that lets users play audio online using JavaScript) has just launched a new web app called Wheels of Steel.
While the concept of having a virtual turntable app isn’t exactly news, this is the first time that it’s been completely developed to work online in a web browser. Using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Schiller has managed to create a fully functioning turntable that lets users mix and scratch music from their bedrooms over the internet.

All users have to do is run Wheels of Steel, locate the music (by entering its URL) and they’re good to go. Mix, scratch, speed up, change the pitch, pump up the bass… basically play around with the tracks until your heart’s content. Pretty nifty if you ask me. Check out Wheels of Steel or watch a video demonstration:

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