HP ENVY 15 Beats Limited Edition

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, Beats co-founder, have collaborated with HP to develop the HP Envy 15 Beats limited edition. I was invited by HP to listen to the audio quality using the high end Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. There was no word from HP about the built-in loudspeakers’ quality, but the device comes with the Beats headphones that we reviewed. HP claims that they enhanced the audio quality working closely with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, but I could not get specific answers about what exactly has been modified in the hardware components that makes the sound delivered by the laptop so “premium”: “trade secret”. In my opinion, the major value added in the HP Envy 15 Beats is the audio software integrated with Dr. Dre’s unique sound provided as one of the pre-defined profiles, users can create their own sound profiles as well. I listened (with the Beats Headphones) to various songs with and without Dr. Dre’s sound profile and it truly adds a lot of depth and quality to the music.Mixing tools that let’s anyone (with talent) become a great DJ are provided as well: Native Instruments’ Traktor LE software and Audio 2 DJ. Traktor LE software with Audio 2 DJ multi-channel splitter. Audio 2 DJ boasts two stereo outputs plus the ultra-loud output level in a compact interface.

The device has a great sleek design, branded with the Beats logo, and powerful performances for an even more powerful price: it starts at $ 2,229. It will be available on October 22nd in the US, more info on the product page. Is HP really going after Apple with this sleek design and high end audio software? Quick specs after the jump.

Quick Specs

  • Intel Core i7 Quad Core Mobile
  • 15.6 inch BrightView high-resolution LED backlit display
  • 1-inch thick, weight starts at 5.19 pounds
  • built-in Nightvision VGA webcam
  • optional Slim Fit Extended-Life Battery up to 7 hours of battery life
  • comes with the Beats by Dr Dre Studio High Definition headphones
  • high-def video and TV tuners

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