Mystery LG phone

The folks over at Pocket-lint managed to get their hands on mystery LG device at the Orange and Kineto Wireless event in London this week, and judging by the photographs, it looks like a very interesting phone. In the history of Android devices so far, there haven’t been many ground breaking designs, especially in recent months (bar the Kyocera Echo of course), they all look like black rectangular slabs with the same 4 buttons at the bottom of each device.Well, it looks like LG has outdone themselves in terms of design this time, breaking the traditional rules of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard Android phones. While it looks like any typical Android phone with the keyboard hidden, once extended the phone takes on a whole new appearance. It features a QWERTY keyboard that is split in the middle with a touchscreen panel that takes up about a third of the whole keyboard.


Ergonomics on a tiny phone keyboard? Awesome! The touchscreen has two rows of four icons each, with the first six icons being used to launch apps like email, messaging and music, while the last two icons are left black (presumably for users to assign their own shortcuts). Whether the screen can be used for anything besides launching shortcuts, it’s yet to be verified, but for what it’s worth, it sure seems like a pretty useful feature to have on an Android phone.

Other than that, no other details of the phone have been confirmed, but the phone might be named the Flip II, and it runs on Android. Possibly 2.2, but since it’s not a final device (even the markings about how many megapixels the camera is wasn’t labeled). What we do know is that the phone will be arriving on T-Mobile. Head over to Pocket-lint for more exclusive photographs of the device.

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