mcdonaldsMcDonald’s has had a long and proud(?) tradition of giving toys to kids whenever they purchase a Happy Meal. Heck, in recent years we’ve seen them give toys and collectibles away to adults as well, but that’s a different story altogether. That being said, it seems that McDonald’s in the UK is hoping to do something different and have teamed up with Kobo to offer children an e-book with every Happy Meal purchase.

As a grown up this sounds like a great idea, but to kids who just wants something bright and fun to play with, it can be a bit of a bummer, although we’re pretty sure that parents are pleased by this educational development. The book that will be given away will be Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven children’s mystery book which comes as a code that parents can redeem for their children in order to download it.

This is actually an initiative that McDonald’s has been participating in for the past couple of years on an annual basis, although this is the first time that they have include Kobo as one of their partners. Alternatively for those without e-book readers, fret not because parents can also opt for a £1 coupon with the meal that can be used to redeem a physical copy of the book instead. Good move, McDonald’s!

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