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Jetbook Color e-reader will arrive in January and cost you $500
If you were thinking of getting yourself a color eInk e-reader, you might have to end up paying $500 for the Jetbook Color e-reader by Ectaco, a company that takes the Havon readers and pairs it with their own firmware that has been exclusively developed for both the English and European markets.

Kyobo e-reader hits South Korea
There is nothing quite like curling up to a good book on a rainy day with a hot mug of coffee in one hand, while there is also a plate of cookies that delivers quick and easy access to boot whenever your stomach experiences hunger pangs. Well, these days, it makes sense for e-book readers to hit the market – and South Korea’s latest e-book reader would be the Kyobo […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet gets rooted
It wasn’t too long ago that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet got rooted, so we can’t say that we’re very surprised to hear that its competition, the Nook Tablet, has been rooted as well. The method to rooting the Nook Tablet is apparently similar to the one used on the Kindle Fire, and for those looking to install Google apps on the Nook Tablet, it seems that a method has been […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet allows for sideloaded apps
It was discovered not too long ago that the Amazon Kindle Fire could sideload apps not from Amazon’s app store, so we guess we can’t say that we’re too surprised to hear that the Barnes & Noble’s recently launched Nook Tablet gained that ability as well. 


Is the New Nook Tablet Worth $50 More Than Kindle Fire?
Taking a page from Apple’s “if ain’t broke don’t fix” iPhone 4S product design school, Barnes & Noble this morning introduced its new Nook Tablet, which is nearly identical to the original Nook Color, and priced at the same $249.When can get the new Nook Tablet? While you can pre-order it now, B&N representatives would only say the Tablet will be available “on or about November 17,” just two days […]

Barnes & Noble's "special announcement 7th November, new NookColor?
Barnes and Noble has sent us an invitation, which is about a “very special announcement”. Unless this “very special announcement” is about a new store opening, we’ll take a guess and say that this announcement probably has something to do with Barnes and Noble’s new NookColor e-reader device.Last week before the weekend, we reported that there was a good chance that Barnes and Noble could be releasing their new NookColor […]

Barnes & Noble's new NookColor to be unveiled 7th November?
With Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet gaining a lot of attention, not just as the company’s first Android tablet, but as a possible e-reader as well, Barnes & Noble’s new NookColor seems to have taken a backseat. There has been rumors that suggested B&N has plans to launch a new NookColor, but now it seems that thanks to The Digital Reader, that release could come as early as the 7th […]

Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked to run Android apps
Do you own the Sony Reader PRS-T1? As you may be aware, it’s running on a heavily modified version of Android, much like how Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be like, but what that means is that by right you should be able to run Android apps on it, and that’s what an enterprising hacker has attempted to do, and while progress has been slow, he has been somewhat successful.

Onyx Boox i62 e-reader coming soon
If you’re in the market for a new e-reader device, Chinese e-reader manufacturer, Onyx, has outed the Onyx Boox i62 e-reader device. Based on the picture alone we can’t help but feel that there are some glaring similarities between the Onyx Boox i62 and Apple’s iPad, but putting that aside, it does look like a rather sleek device.

Amazon opens French Kindle Store
For those living in France and were looking forward to getting on board Amazon’s Kindle, the good news is that the company has finally opened a French Kindle Store, adding to the list of stores outside of the US. For those living outside of France, not to worry as the French Kindle Store will also cover those living in Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland.On top of that, Amazon will be […]

Disable ads on your Kindle e-reader for $30
The Kindle 3 was offered to the public at a very affordable rate. For Kindle 3 owners, you’re probably aware that in order to enjoy the $30 subsidy for your e-reader device, you’ve had to put up with rather annoying advertisements. The good news is that Amazon has caught on to that and are now offering a solution for owners of the Kindle 4.

Pocketbook A10 Android tablet/e-reader announced
With so many tablets available in the market these days, competition is at its peak and variety is always welcome, and it looks like Hong Kong-based MNC Pocketbook International will be entering the fray with their A10 Android tablet/e-reader, which is the successor to their IQ 701.

Sony Reader Wi-Fi
In addition to its tablets, Sony is launching its new elegant Reader Wi-Fi that features a 6-inch e-ink Pearl V220 glare-free touch screen display which gives access to over 2 million titles from the Sony Reader Store. The company partnered with over 11,000 public libraries across the country to allow users to wirelessly borrow e-books from their local library.The Sony Reader Wi-Fi now offers pinch and zoom and the ability […]

Panasonic's e-reader Raboo UT-PB1 is now official
A couple of weeks back we reported that Panasonic had revealed their very own ebook reader that they were aiming to launch in Japan, and that they also partnered up with popular Japanese online retailer Rakuten, who will be supplying the books. Well if you’re living in Japan, good news as the device is now official and it will be making its way to Japanese consumers on the 10th of […]