hyperkin smart boyLast year as part of an April Fools’ joke, a company by the name of Hyperkin showed off a smartphone case called the Smart Boy. For those unfamiliar, the Smart Boy is basically a smartphone case that looks like a Game Boy and there was even a cartridge slot in the back in which you could slot in Game Boy cartridges to play on your phone.

We suppose that was kind of the joke as it was really too good to be true, but as we have seen in the past, there have been instances where joke becomes reality, and this is what Hyperkin has done. A report from Neowin has revealed that during E3, the company actually had a working model of the Smart Boy on display.

In fact they were even told that the device is expected to make its way onto the market later this year in December. Unfortunately apart from getting some actual photos of the device, details of the Smart Boy remain relatively scarce. This means that in terms of smartphone compatibility, will it play nice with iPhones and Android devices?

Also how does it work? What kind of software does it use? And more importantly, how much will it cost? We also have to wonder how Nintendo feels about this, and given how protective Nintendo has been of its IP, this might not go down well, but either way we expect additional details to surface closer to its release.

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