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JAYS' a-JAYS Five Earphones Come In iOS, Android, And Windows Phone Versions
Since iOS is one of the more popular mobile operating systems around, we guess it’s not surprising that some manufacturers have designed accessories based around iOS’ functionality and features, but the good news for Android and Windows Phone users is that if you’ve been looking for a new pair of earphones, Swedish audio manufacturer JAYS might have something for you. The company has recently released their latest a-JAYS Five series […]

Skullcandy Navigator headphones an Apple Store exclusive
Skullcandy seems to have come to an agreement with Apple, where their latest device on offer on an exclusive basis at Apple Stores and would be the Skullcandy Navigator. Sporting a $99 price tag, it is rather strange that the product page link which was found in its press release resulted in an Error 404. Without much further ado, the Skullcandy Navigator comes in a rather small on-ear package […]

Apple patent reveals plans for hybrid wireless earphones
There are plenty of headphones or in-ear earphones that have been designed for activities such as exercising. These headphones tend to be more durable and come with features such as water/sweat resistance. That being said, it seems like Apple might be interested in getting into the exercise headphone/earphone game as well thanks to a recently discovered patent. Dubbed the “Detachable wireless listening device”, it basically describe a pair of earphones […]

MartinLogan introduces Reference In-Ear Headphones
MartinLogan has just introduced their Reference In-Ear Headphones that is said to be inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of their legendary electrostatic speakers. The new name for this in-ear headphones? It is known as the Mikros 70, where it is also touted to deliver a private MartinLogan listening room regardless of where you are. Offering superb ambient noise isolation that is said to preserve the subtle nuances of […]


Ultimate Ears' Personal Reference Monitors are fully customizable in-ear monitors
As much as we’d like to believe that earphones will have no trouble fitting all ears, the sad fact is that it’s not true. While earphones might be able to fit the majority, for some people it just doesn’t work that way, either that or some are just really fussy to the point where they need custom-fitted earphones for their audiophile needs. Ultimate Ears has been known to offer custom-fitted […]

V-MODA Crossfade M-80 White Pearl brings style and substance together
There is just something about the shade of white that tends to attract the attention of many – maybe it is the purity of the color, or could it be due to the peaceful effect that white has? Whatever the case is, it has certainly justified V-MODA’s push for the V-MODA Crossfade M-80 White Pearl, where this new color comprises of white with silver metal accents. This is no ordinary […]

Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth Stereo Earphones
If you are in the market for a pair of wireless headphones, then you might want to consider the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth Stereo Earphones which retails for $159 a pop. This pair of earphones will add a dash of style wherever you go, where living out the wireless lifestyle offers unprecedented flexibility, and your ears would most probably notice the PS 210 BTNC’s enhanced noise cancelling technology which […]

Universal Earphones swap audio channels automatically
In the future, you might see earphones that no longer have “L” and “R” markings on them, simply because they are a far advanced version of the Universal Earphones that were talk about today. Researchers at the Igarashi Design Interfaces Project in Tokyo, Japan, have managed to develop a pair of earphones that they call, “Universal Earphones”, as each pair is smart enough to switch audio channels automatically whenever they […]

Etymotic ETY*Kids Safe-Listening Earphones
I still remember back in the day when I enjoyed my Sony Walkman that actually ran on cassettes (if you do not know what cassettes are, surely you are part of the Justin Bieber lovin’ generation), and earphone technology was still in its infancy. Well, time and technology have certainly aged well together, where you now have high quality earphones which will definitely plunge you headlong into your favorite artist’s […]

Altec Lansing announces new Custom Series earphones
Fans of Altec Lansing’s products will be pleased to know that the company has announced just this morning their new Custom Series earphones, the A1, A2 and A3 models. Exactly how custom is custom? Well, whenever a customer purchases either of the three models, they will be referred to an Audiologist who will then create a custom mould of the customer’s ears. This will ensure that the earphones will fit […]

Westone 4 R-series quad-driver earbuds
If you’re in the market for a pair of supposedly audiophile quality earbuds, Westone may have just what you need in the form of the Westone 4 R-series earbuds, but just like many audiophile grade products, be prepared to fork out quite a bit of money for these.

Marc Ecko ECKOUNLTD Zip earphones
Sick of your headphone cables being tangled in knots and you have to spend a good couple of minutes trying to untangle them, only to have them tangled again when you put them back in your pocket? Well, short of buying Monster headphones with their supposed tangle-free cable design, fashion brand Marc Ecko has entered the fray with their ECKOUNLTD Zip earphones.

Gummi Bear earphones smell good
Remember the Gummy Bear earphones that were reported about a long time ago? Well, it seems like the earphones have been given an upgrade. Spotted on Fred Flare, an online store, these Gummi Bear (spelt with an ‘i’ this time)  earphones take the whole lookalike gimmick to the next level. Instead of just looking like candy, the earphones have also been made to smell like them too!The Gummi Bear earphones […]

Ear MIKI concept earphones don't tangle
If you prefer corded earphones instead of Bluetooth headsets when it comes to hands-free kits for your phones, you probably know what it’s like to get your earphones tangled up with your keys and other objects in your pocket or bag. To deal with this problem, we’ve come up with solutions like wrapping the cords of the headset around something, or placing it in a separate bag – but it’s […]

Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones get customized art design
If you are a strong supporter of individualism, then surely you would look upon the Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones as a pair of earphones of choice – since each pair is lovingly handcrafted and individually designed. Should you be the artistic type as well, you can always share the fruits of your labor with the professionally tuned Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones, coming with the new “Artist Editions” Artwork […]

Munitio puts 9mm bullets in your ears
Interesting novelty gadgets seem few and far between so it pleases us to write about an interesting set of earphones that popped up recently. No these aren’t the revolutionary sculpted eers, but will probably garner you just as many looks and “whoas!” from your friends and strangers alike. Created by Munitio, these SITi 9mm earphones are the kinds of objects that are likely to get you in trouble with airport […]

NOX Audio Admiral headset outed
NOX Audio has enlisted the star power of T-Pain at the NOX booth at E3 this year to help promote their new Admiral headset, a wireless device with surround sound support which was first unveiled at CES 2011 earlier this year. Just what does the Admiral headset offer to the masses? For starters, you get Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound capability in addition to Bluetooth functionality, making it truly a […]

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i: quality headset for the iPhone
Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company known for its pricey high-end audio devices, has announced the launch of its EarSet 3 headset successor – the EarSet 3i. This wired, stereo headset with a built-in microphone and a 4 pole mini jack is designed to fit anybody’s ears comfortably – without compromise. It features dynamic full tone loudspeakers mounted on a telescopic bar that are constructed according to the open loudspeaker […]

Etymotic introduces Awareness features to hf3 and mc3 Noise Isolating Headsets
Etymotic Research intends to make what was already good, better – in the form of the Awareness feature that will be introduced to hf3 and mc3 Noise Isolating Headsets. This enhancement to both earphones will allow you to experience the highest noise isolation and sound quality without being oblivious to the rest of your surroundings – now that would definitely be worth having, since you can enjoy the best of […]

Sony introduces new PSP headphones branded earphones
If having a Sony PlayStation Portable and a pair of Sony earphones isn’t enough to show your dedication to the gaming console, you can take it a step further with Sony’s new line of earphones. The company has just announced the introduction of PlayStation Portable branded earphones. These earphones come in six different colors (black, white, silver, red, blue and pink) and are specially designed to produce high resolution sound. […]